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4 responses to “Unemployment”

  1. anyone who can finish unemp.in india says:

    anyone who can finish unemp.in india

  2. R.Raja Subramanian says:

    Unemployment is the major problem in India. This problem is not unsolvable. This could be solved if we youths unite and gain support of government and start some cottage and small scale industries, where people could work for their welfare. This makes Indian youths a role model to all the people in the world

  3. kranthi says:

    in india 92% people are in un organised sector.
    some people are doing small works like porter,pulling a cart etc ,they earn very small amount of wages so , government should give the opportunities to all the citizens by establishing factories,schools,hospitals then i thick unemployment will be reduced in india

  4. Brown person says:

    My job is a garbage man

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