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8 responses to “Illiteracy”

  1. dyjuu says:


  2. kranthi says:

    i think the illiteracy is the major problem in india. today peoples are the tomorrow citizens.we should encorage the people who are not studying ,and the government should give the minimum facilities to the people

  3. himabindu says:

    we have to follow our customs and parallely we have to develop our country with all new technologies,when we are going into future dont forgot our past and our relations.

  4. saharika chinu says:

    In my view if we dont learn we don’t have a perfect life

  5. vivekanandhan says:

    it’s a big issue we are facing now , because the people are not able to find who they are due to that some peoples are dumped the illiterate . so we youngsters could take the responsibility to teach some peoples about our country and it’s position.

  6. bob says:


  7. Brown person says:

    They can’t sleep there own name a pelrlrlskfdjsodnsjsm

  8. Brown person says:

    Spell my bad brah

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