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There are two places one can get pierced on the nose. On the side of the nostril and on the skin between the nostrils. For the side piercings (of which there may be more than one) the ring comes in several different forms. Usually for the first ring–that is, just after the piercing–the metal is curved into a corkscrew. This will prevent the body from shoving it out in your sleep. There are also hoops that bend to close. Sometimes a ball is used to close a hoop. Then there are those that merely bend to form an “L” and prevent the ring from falling out. Finally, they have rings that are straight with a bigger ball on the end of it, to make it hard to fall out. For the piercing between the nostrils, the ring looks much like an eyebrow ring, but closer to making a circle. Two balls on each end keep it in place, with one ball that screws on and off.

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