Misuse of Women Laws (498a , DV Act 2005 etc), Good men to Jails

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A cruel and a bad morale woman can use this law to her favor and spoil an ethical family (husband, her siblings, her parents and all relatives ).

Police and Lawyers make hell amount of money in this.

Ruthless arrest, Long fights, Child separation are the cruelty involved.

A family who got stuck in this takes min. 5 years to reform the life… Many committed suicide.

3 responses to “Misuse of Women Laws (498a , DV Act 2005 etc), Good men to Jails”

  1. abinaya says:

    what to do with these type of women?

  2. Shelby says:

    You dont think there are not men that do the same? Really? It isnt a “what to do with these type of women” problem, but a “How do we support women so they make good mothers, wives, members of society, and how to we educate them and men to be good parents and spouses? Also, there’s a much bigger problem when it comes to the common rape and violence against women that needs to be tackled first. It’s hard to be a good family member when you’re scared all the time and resentful towards men in general.

  3. Deepika says:

    this is the more painful problem as im too belong to a female gender,,,,,,
    main reason for it is a corruption and male dominated society,,,

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