Narendra Damodardas Modi

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Narendra Damodardas Modi is an Indian politician who has been the 14th Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat since 2001

9 responses to “Narendra Damodardas Modi”

  1. Deepak says:

    My vote for goes for modi.

  2. Swapnil says:

    Not sure why people are trusting and voting for this option 🙁

  3. Nitin says:

    Modi ko jitao

  4. Abhinav Srivastav says:

    Modi is a KING.

  5. kapil says:

    Better than mayawati without any doubt.

  6. Deepak says:

    He deserves a chance for being a PM, so that he can prove himself.

  7. Abhinav says:

    Modi NAMO NAMO

  8. SWAPNIL says:

    I think he should be made CM of Odisha to check if he can really develop that state or not Or for that matter of J&K.

  9. Swapnil says:

    History tells that Good Governance doesnt need undue publicizing and wanna be nature of a plotician. What we observe today is that only aim of Mr.Modi is to be the PM. No inclusive policies for all. He denies wearing a muslim cap only in a sarva dharma samabhav parishad and wears other caps.. still expects votes from them.. disrespect and beg! Great! Gujarat is a failed model from socio-economical aspects for the villagers of Gujarat.

    An already developed state is being garnished in cities only and that too for industrialists only!

    Modi shld be a CM to Odisha or JK and prove his worth. ppl are only backing him on the basis of Hindutva. what about all other religions? anyways. Best party by its ideology is BSP (Equality, Fraternity, Justice) behen Mayawati ji will grow even bigger in April May 2014 and keep on growing as Indians would understand her positive intentions.. only expectation from all Indians is to read her work before making a biased write off.. India strongly need leadee like Mayawati ji today! VOTE FOR BSP

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