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Best news anchor in India

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Electronic media has so much impact on society today. People choose their best news channel to hear the latest news and people also like to hear their favourite news anchor also. So today we are going to list the most viewed/listened news anchors from different media houses and news channels to find the most followed […]

Is banning 500 rs and 1000 rs currency notes is good move by modi government

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Hey guys to I am writing about a hottest news in India. The new is not “Hillary clinton vs Donald trump” but Modi government banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in India. Lets see pros and cons of this historic step taken by the Indian government. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article […]

Most common addictions

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Hello friends, today we are going to talk about most common addictions in modern human now a days. Today people have different and sometimes very strange addictions although I believe the strange once are just for show off really as people want to get attention by showing some distinct hobbies. But here in this list […]

Favorite player IPL Season 7

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IPL 7 is on full moon now. Few matches have already completed and now in India runs are raining like heavy storms. This season has been a batting paradise for those who love sixes and want to see every second ball sailing over the fence. Few new and few existing player who could not make […]

Most beautiful women in india

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Here is one more interesting contest on a very generic topic of finding the most beautiful women , girl or lady in India. The contestants can add women from any background or area like movies, media, politics or even business women. But make sure she is popular among-est people so that you can gain as […]

Best TV shows

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Television has come a remarkably long way since it was first invented. Cable and satellite providers now boast hundreds of channels, not including the thousands of music channels available to viewers. With so many channels, how can we determine what we should tune in to? Well, we have this contest to find the best TV […]

Best soap for men

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Women have phobia about so many things like best shampoo for hair, best fairness cream, best perfumes etc. But today we are talking about best soap for men. There are many types of cleansing and beautifying products in market for male gentry these days such as shower gel, scrubs, body shampoos etc. But there are […]

Top 10 most dangerous sports

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Years ago, sports were more than just advertising and entertainment. Sports have been evolving with time and now they have taken the image of death wishes. Some might think that hot WWE divas or men fighting in WWE is most deadly but there are more dangerous sports wwe. Here are top 10 most dangerous sports […]

Most expensive players of IPL7

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IPL takes the cricket arena to the next level and turns it into the most glamorous sport of the world. Team in IPL fight for a single title of best team in ipl Eight franchises are gearing up for a well-awaited latest season of IPL and some will be awestruck to know that more than […]

Best food trucks in america

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There is a new trend emerging in America that involves high-class delicious meals on food trucks working as mobile restaurants. You will find them at midtown clubs, in parks by your office and at gas stations serving burgers, pizza, tacos, lobster rolls, grilled cheese, burritos, classic French food and sous-vide dishes only charger about $10 […]

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