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Top 10 honeymoon destinations

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When the wedding ceremony is finished and all the guests are gone, couples immediately start looking forward to the honeymoon trip. These days become the time to unwind, relax and spend memorable time with the life partner. There are many types of honeymoon one can plan such as a vacation on beach, a safari, and […]

Best CM in india

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Here is very interesting poll on Indian politics. Today Indian politics has reached a stage where everyone whether a child, young, old or man and women are taking interest. India has many state which has produced many Chief Ministers, this contest tries to find out the best chief minister of India of any state, one […]

Top 10 Comedy Movies

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Hundreds of movies are released every year and it seems they all compete to be better than another. But some movies forever remain in the hearts of people and never lose their spark even after many years. This is the list of some movie that will forever remain in our hearts as epic comedy movies.

Top 10 richest women in the world

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People interested in known about the richest women in the world then are you at the right place. Women are not backward in this field also.Here we list top 10 richest women in the world.

Most luxurious hotels in the world

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For world travellers is a list of hotels of more than 7 stars. This a list list of luxurious hotels of the world which are expensive but you will find all the luxury of the world in these hotels so visit these and feel like a king of the world.

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Created by in Science

We as humans want a safe and secure life for ourselves and our loved ones; nevertheless the world is full of threats and risks. Talking about wild animals, how deadly an animal can be does not depend on its size. Here is a list for top 10 deadliest animals of the world, starting from number […]

Cutest Baby Contest

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This contest is for kids aging less than 3 years. All parents are requested to upload clear pictures of their kid and do add the kid’s name, age and gender. Lets see who is cutest baby in town?

Best new year resolutions

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With new hopes and thoughts we are just about to enter into the new year. Its interesting that every year we take oaths on different things. Here we discuss today what are the most common resolutions that people take around the world.

Sexiest asian women

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List for the sexiest asian women for the year 2013 is out. Which says that katrina kaif wins the race for the third time. Picspeaks decided to created a poll

Most dangerous roads in the world

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If you think that you know driving a vehicle better than anyone else, then you must reconsider it after reading the post below. Your driving experience can be made worst if you are driving on one of the roads mentioned in this list. This is a list of most dangerous roads in the world where […]

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