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Top Ten Magazines

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Looking for a time pass while relaxing, what is better than a good magazine? So here is a poll of most popular magazines from around the world check these magazines out and vote for your favorite.

Most Romantic Movies of Hollywood

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People who want to see romance and love in a movie that has comedy and every other aspect that can bring love alive in their life then this polls is a must read. These movies can be a uplift to ones dying relationships. In this poll we are going to publish some of the most […]

Love marriage vs Arranged marriage

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A big question of arrange vs love marriage that rises in mind of every young man or women in india. India a country where priorities are given to family relationships rather in external relationships. But some people say that the reason for forcing of arrange marriage is not priorities but its the fact that they […]

Best political party in india

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India is one of largest countries of the world with several communities and political parties in it. Reason being different languages, different type of people want to support people of their origin or cast. This has caused adverse effects on political system in india which keeps on burning with issues and each party blaming the […]

Best Oil for Skin

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When you mention oils for skin, many people think about greasy and shiny skin. Too bad, because these oils are essential when it comes to feeding your skin. Plant oils contain chemical compounds which nourish your skin. Any skin type can be nourished by this oils, it doesn’t matter if you have dry, greasy or […]

How to create a blog

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Blogging is one of the internet’s biggest sensations these days. Everyone wants to share their thoughts and experiences with the entire internet world. But what’s the best website to do it on? Do you prefer professional-looking blogging sites like WordPress, or less formal sites like Tumblr? Come on in and choose your favorite blogging site.

Tallest building in the world

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This post is specifically listed for those who love big structure, Skyscraper and mega buildings. Here we list the tallest building in the world ever made by humans.

I want to kill myself : Why?

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I Want to do die, if this question is going through your mind then we want to gain your attention and want to know why and what are the reasions that have compled you do even think about dying. We understand that how much mental pressure you are going through but my dear friends nothing […]

Best TV Host

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Bollywood actors have branched out in many fields. From doing their own stunts to even singing songs for their movies, these celebs have tried it all. The latest bug that has bitten this Bollywood biggies is that of hosting a TV show. Let’s have a look at Bollywood celebrities who hosted TV shows in india.shows […]

Best Colleges of Delhi University

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Stress of exams have come to an end already and it now stress of result and the biggest of them is the stress of finding the best colleges in DU (Delhi University) . This could be the biggest decision of your life as this is going to take you from your childhood to your adulthood […]

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