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Best National Parks in India

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India being a country of kings had jungles full of wild animals which these kings used to hunt. This hunting was increasing as people found it great fun to kill animals which caused huge reduction in the count of wild animals in the country. By 1970 india had around 5 nationals parks which now have […]

Best State in India

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This post is about choosing the best state in India based on living standards and availability of resources. India is the seventh largest (area wise) country in the world with 28 states and 7 union territories. Here is the list of Indian states and lets see which is the most popular, and best state in […]

Best Gift for Valentines Day

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Valentines day, a day for which most of the love pairs, guys and girls in college, couples in their life are waiting. February is thus called to be the month of love. Love birds are looking for answers to the questions like what should i gift my valentine, or how should we celebrate valentines day. […]

Best Movie Series

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Movies that are shown in series are becoming very popular as people are keen to know that whats going to happen in the next sequel or part. Some series have made great impact on people that every time there next part is released then people do watch that part, without known the feedback of it […]

Best Companies to Work for in India

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India being the hottest areas for companies to grow and hence companies from around the world have taken this as an opportunity and have their company branches here. In such a tough competition which are the companies where people feel that this is the best place to work. Here is a list of best places […]

Best Content management System

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A Content Management System (CMS) is a application that give the users the basic functionality to build a website. Through this application the administrator can manage site pages, manage users and make the content public or private. Some of the CMS based on PHP language are becoming so famous that most of the websites today […]

Most Dangerous Snake in the World

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Today we are talking about most dangerous, venomous and deadliest snakes in the world. Yearly more than 100,000 people are killed by snake bites. But not all of them are venomous, infact only very few snakes in the world are venomous. There are about 2,900 species of snakes. Of these, 375 are venomous. Here is […]

Top 10 Football Players

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World’s most popular game is undoubtedly football. A game that becomes the heart beat of people when it comes to be a match between two great rivals of football teams.Football players have now evolved to a level that is unbelievable and remarkable. They have scored goals that are tremendous to see when you watch a […]

Top 10 Powerful Countries

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Here is a list of top 10 most powerful countries in the world, this list is based on observations of countries forces power, equipment etc. Vote for the country that you think is more powerful then the other.

What to Eat Daily

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What to eat daily is a big question that always come up in mind of the people who very quickly get affected by changes in the environment and people who wants to stay fit and healthy their life.

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