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Hollywood Vs Bollywood

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Hollywood vs Bollywood a question that may arise in every film director or film producer. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have their own strengths and weakness. So we thought lets ask people that what do they think about these two industries that complement each other. Vote if you like bollywood movies and vote hollywood if you […]

Best movie of Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan the most romantic hero of bollywood, have done a lot of very good movies which stand in the list of most popular, and loved movies in bollywood. Shahrukh Khan is often referred to as SRK has done more than 50 movies out of which most of them are block busters. Here is list […]

List of Hindi Films in 2012

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Looking at the interest of people in bollywood celebrities and movies in 2012, here is a list of movies release in 2012. These are movies that performed very good in the year 2012 and were loved by people all over the world. Vote for the best movie of 2012 and help us choose the best […]

Undertaker Vs John Cena

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If undertaker and john cena are to fight against each other then what do you think who is going to win the fight. Both undertaker and john cena are very much abled to beat the other one, both have different fighting tactics. so we though why not ask our visitors about this interesting poll. So […]

Best Train in the World

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This post is about the best train in the world based on criteria like number of people it can take at a time, speed of these trains, distance travelled by them in a journey and the condition in which they are running. We have selected around 5 train from around the world on these criteria. […]

Best Bank in India

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Tthis post is about listing the best bank in india,Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in india and each and every bank is providing best schemes for its existing customers. The criteria of selecting the best bank in is based on number of existing customers, number of employees in the bank, number of […]

Major Problems in India

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India, the seventh biggest country in the world with second highest number of people living in the country, have developed so many socio-economic problems for itself. More than 55% of the population comes under poverty. Education is another biggest and major problem of india. This post is about selecting major problems in india to help […]

Celebrity with Best Hair

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Celebrity are proven beauties, but only few of them have beautiful hairs. Though they can go for hair treatment and get their hairs like they want them to look like. We are to decide the best hair celebrity. Here is a list of celebrities having beautiful hair style , vote the best one to choose […]

Best Jeans Brand for Men

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Clothe brands have always been fighting to get the number one position. But some of the brands have been able to make their mark in customers mind. Here is list of best brands for jeans from around the world. These jeans are economical with quality fabric and optimum price with brand name. Vote for the […]

Best Movie by James Cameron

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James Cameron is a film director , producer and writer , he has made several good movies. Some of his movie have even won a oscar award. Here is a list of most popular and best movies of James Cameron, vote and choose the best of his best movies.

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