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Most Famous Photo in the World

Created by in History

There are tons of photos are there. Powerful photos depicting important moments of human history. Popular photos fake and real. Which photo is the best? Consider reading most shocking photos of the world

Best American Idol Winner

Created by in Entertainment

American Idol is one of the most popular TV shows in the States. People love watching the good, the bad, and the ugly compete to win the coveted record deal and fame. There have been many winners, now, as there have been many seasons. Which winner is the best of the best? Which American Idol […]

Best Univeristies in the World

Created by in Education

If you want to get a decent job these days, a university education is the way to go. In any country, jobs value those that have been educated beyond high school. Plus, the university experience is a unique one full of stress, homework, and fun. From your social to professional life, a university education will […]

Best University in the United States

Created by in Education

Universities are highly popular now. And for good reason. It’s hard to get a decent job anywhere in the U.S. without at least a bachelor’s degree. Many good jobs demand even more. So where should you get your degrees? You could go the cheap way and do a state college. Or you could dish out […]

Best shampoo for hair

Created by in Products

One of the most important things in a girl’s beauty arsenal is her shampoo. A girl’s shampoo can make or break her hair as quickly as the next day. There are many considerations needed to be taken in when choosing a shampoo. The miniaturization in the shampoo, the minerals in it, etc. So, which shampoo […]

Best Bodybuilder Ever

Created by in Misc

Bodybuilding is a way of life that’s not respected nearly as much as it should be. Men and women spend every day working out, eating healthy, exercising. Working so hard to bring their bodies up to their full potential. There are tons of bodybuilders out there today. So, which one is the best?

Most horrifying movie of hollywood

Created by in Movies

One of America’s favorite movie genres is horror. We just love sitting on the edge of our seats, telling the character not to go in there, and watching them go in there, anyway. We love being scared out of our wits when something jumps out at us on the screen. It gives us a kind […]

Best Science Fiction Movie(s)

Created by in Entertainment

Science fiction movies have found a new place in our list of favorite movies. Lovers of this genre used to be mocked. Laughed at. Teased. But today, people are beginning to realize the awesomeness of sci-fi movies. The special effects, the drama, the action. Who wouldn’t want all that in one movie? So, which sci-fi […]

Best Action Movies of 2012

Created by in Entertainment

Action movies are by far one of the most popular movies out there today. They keep your adrenaline going as you sit on the edge of your seat cheering on your favorite character. We understand that you are free today and searching for movies to watch for. So here is a list assisting you to […]

Best Operating System for Gaming

Created by in Technology

We love gaming these days. Hardcore gamers will spend hours upon hours playing, skipping meals, sleep, even sex. If you want to game, you need to have the right operating system as games are highly OS sensitive and can be played on only native operating systems. Not all are made alike, and not all work […]

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