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Best Waterfalls in the World

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Nature is compelling, beautiful, and downright awe-inspiring. Various aspects of this wonderful world, but perhaps none emit such breathtaking beauty than the world’s greatest waterfalls. They evoke power; they are idyllic; they are Heaven’s caress here on Earth. Out of the ten most beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfalls this world has to offer, which one do […]

Best Talk Shows

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Talk shows are some of the greatest television programs out there. Airing throughout the day and night and with countless different topics available for discussion, there’s a talk show for everyone. Here is a list of ten of the greatest talk shows on air. Vote for which one you like the most.

Top 10 Wonders of the World

Created by in Places

No matter where you live, there are beautiful aspects of this world all around you. Many of us have heard of the seven wonders of the world. However, how can we round out the top ten places or landmarks that are the most beautiful and enchanting? Here’s a list. You decide which one is simply […]

Best Bollywood Movies of 2013

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Every year, Bollywood pumps out some of the greatest movies to hit cinemas. For those who don’t know, Bollywood is India’s film industry, much like Hollywood in the United States. The movies often involve colorful costumes and dance numbers. There are many Bollywood films that have had fantastic success in the U.S. As for this […]

Highest Paid Actors 2013

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Every year, Forbes Magazine compiles a list of the highest paid actors for that given year. Actors of previous lists may have surprised you. Just because an actor is famous does not mean he’s making the most money. This year’s list included all of the highest paid actors for 2013, the top ten of which […]

Best Youtube Videos of All Time

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YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet today. Millions of videos are uploaded to the site, and many videos go viral extremely quickly. There is a chart on YouTube that lists the most watched videos of all time. Of the top ten listed below, which one do you think was the […]

Top Ten Rappers of All Time

Created by in Music

The music industry has seen some phenomenal rappers, and some that are not quite as great. With the plethora of rappers out there, who can we say is the absolute greatest of all time?

Top Ten Android Games

Created by in Games

Thanks to the technology of smartphones, people can play games whenever they want. Thousands of android games have hit the market in recent years. With the immense amount of games available for play out there, what do you think are the top ten android games available now?

Housewives vs. Working Women

Created by in Misc

In today’s economy, a greater number of women have had to enter the workforce. Despite the growing number of working women, housewives are still abundant. Each face different daily tasks, as well as daily stresses. For housewives, kids can be a hectic chore, to say the least, and there’s never a shortage of cooking and […]

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