Facts About Kissing

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Kissing, the most sensuous action of love in humans. Some people put it even above sex. Even i do give a lot of weight-age to it personally.

This post is about some of the facts about kissing that you may or may not know about, but you would surely be reading this post very interestingly to know more about kissing. For guys or girls who have put on some weight, its a good news that kissing can help you burn some (2-5) calories, depending on how romantically ,eagerly or deeply you do it. Extending the kissing time can increase the burn calories count as doing it for long period of time means more calories. Also there are about 29 muscles used while kissing so it can help you reduce wrinkles.Kissing can help you reduce stress also.

One funny fact about kissing is, most of the people keep their eye closed while kissing. This percentage may go on upper note in case of males. Kissing is described differently in different reason of countries, for example in french kiss the tongues also plays an important role.

Now a bad thing about kissing is that it can cause you getting into a disease called “mono disease which is result of deep kissing. This is according to the latest study of doctors.

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