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The Best Dog Breed

Created by in Misc

1049 Views 1 Votes

Dogs are one of the world's favorite pets. They help us with our jobs, with our daily lives, entertain us, and keep us company. They will protect us to the end. Dogs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are over a hundred different breeds. But which breed is the best one? Do you prefer pretty dogs like collies and poodles? Or strong dogs, like German shepherds and pit bulls? Or maybe you just prefer family dogs like the labrador

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The Best Pet

Created by in Misc

1009 Views 1 Votes

People are in love with pets these days. And they come in all sorts of species. From the more traditional and useful pets like dogs and cats, to the more because-they're-pretty pets like birds and fish. And then thee are the more fun pets like ferrets. What's your favorite?

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Top Social Networking Sites

Created by in Technology

1026 Views 9 Votes

Across the world, social networking websites are the most popular sites used by all sorts of people.These websites help users keep in touch with their family and friends all the time as well as help them waste time. But which one is the best? Facebook or Orkut? Twitter or Myspace? Or is it Pinterest? Come on in and vote for your favorite!

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Best US Cities

Created by in Tourism

1080 Views 3 Votes

The United States has many famous tourist destinations to boast about. From the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast to the Hollywood sign on the West Coast, there are tons of places for tourists to venture to. But which one is the best?

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Best American President

Created by in Politics

909 Views 8 Votes

Ever since the end of the Revolutionary War, the United States has been run by a system of Democracy. The head of this Democracy (with some limits to his/her power) is the President. The U.S. has had forty-four presidents so far. Which one do you think is the best, when comes to decision making , economy growth, country and its people's growth.

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Top 5 Tourist Destinations

Created by in Tourism

1362 Views 39 Votes

The best way of spending your free time is to visit some interesting and exotic places. There is a place for everybody's taste, you just need to go there and start with adventure. Disneyland, Dubai, Port Aventura, Egypt and Miami Beach are considered to be world's most popular destinations. These five wait for you to come and research them, but which is the best destination for tourists

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Best Perfumes for Women

Created by in Products

1802 Views 50 Votes

Women use many tricks to be elegant but more importantly to gain men's interest. High heels, expensive pursed, dresses and other accessories are essential parts of women's equipment for seducing men. If you ask a woman what must not be omitted to reach full elegance, she will answer that the perfume is the right key which leads to success. The right mixture of smells can drive any men crazy. Tastes are different but it seems that some companies

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Top 5 Smartphones

Created by in Technology

1107 Views 37 Votes

Could you imagine your life without mobile phones? Could you imagine your life without texting, taking pictures and other options which these amazing devices offer? Definitely not! Nowadays, the purpose of mobile phones is not just texting and making calls it's definitely more than that.People want a smartphone which is easy to be used on one side, and that offers a ton of apps on the other .Who could have ever imagined that mobile phones will be

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I want to kill myself : Why?

Created by in Education

1407 Views 12 Votes

I Want to do die, if this question is going through your mind then we want to gain your attention and want to know why and what are the reasions that have compled you do even think about dying. We understand that how much mental pressure you are going through but my dear friends nothing is above life not even God, not your wife, not your mother and any precious thing in the world. I had a chat with a guys who committed suicide but was saved some

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Best TV Host

Created by in TV

2039 Views 57 Votes

Bollywood actors have branched out in many fields. From doing their own stunts to even singing songs for their movies, these celebs have tried it all. The latest bug that has bitten this Bollywood biggies is that of hosting a TV show. Let's have a look at Bollywood celebrities who hosted TV shows in india.shows and also managed to have an active filmy career. Source: Ammara writes with Bollywood.celebden.com, a premium source of bollywood gossip

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