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Who Is Most Famous Cricketer

Created by in Sports

1935 Views 17 Votes

In the cricket many cricketers are the most famous in the world.they played very well and his style of the play is amazing.they use new techniques in our play like sachin gawaskar etc.

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10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in India

Created by in Business

1108 Views 7 Votes

Ever increasing prices of petrol and diesel has made the car buyers more worried about how to select the best running machine which will not only have upscale comfort and good looks but also have great fuel efficiency. Here is poll to choose your self and help other to select best buyer.

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Who Is Best Social Worker Today

Created by in Science

1152 Views 14 Votes

Today Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare doing work as a social worker.They are doing this for the people of India .They want to end of Bhrashtachar

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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Iphone5

Created by in Business

642 Views 6 Votes

In the earlier days samsung launch galaxy s3 and apple launch his iphone5.in the market comptetion is vey high in both the phones.

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What Do You Want To Be

Created by in Misc

1257 Views 9 Votes

What is the aim of your life. What do you want to be in future for your carrier of life. what do you like most to be like-doctor actor engineer etc.

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Best Sports Channel

Created by in TV

2405 Views 17 Votes

there are many sports channel like star cricket.in these channels which channel TRP are most select these channels

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Sites you check out everyday

Created by in Technology

1533 Views 12 Votes

What are the sites you visit everyday. We generally visit social networks like facebook, google plus etc everyday but their are more sites which we dont remember but do check them regularly so lets see which sites are visited daily by the users.

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Most irritating moment

Created by in Entertainment

2049 Views 10 Votes

We daily face irritating moments in our lifes. We have listed a few of them lets decide which one of the is most irritating of them all.

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Most difficult task

Created by in Entertainment

1956 Views 6 Votes

There are many difficult tasks in our day today life which we find extremely difficult to solve. lets what are those tasks and which of them is the most difficult one.

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Most wonderful news

Created by in Entertainment

1482 Views 3 Votes

Think of the most wonderful news you had ever in your lifetime or just another day. And after hearing the news you say wow what a news.

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