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The best city in the world

Created by in Places

1642 Views 18 Votes

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Funniest Movie of Bollywood ever

Created by in Movies

1494 Views 20 Votes

Bollywood has made several comady movies some of them are really good. Picspeaks lists here some of them to find the funniest of them , help us to find the best one.

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Which one is the best on screen couple

Created by in Movies

1260 Views 29 Votes

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Best Shoe Brand

Created by in Sports

1396 Views 8 Votes

Several companies fighting for the top position for shoes. We have listed the leaders here, vote and choose the one which is most popular and best of all of them.

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Best actor as James Bond

Created by in Movies

1622 Views 7 Votes

James Bond is a very popular series of Bond movies where an actors plays the role of a spy. We have seen so many actors acting as bond. Lets see which of them did Bond as best.

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Which is your favorite Festival

Created by in Misc

1373 Views 5 Votes

India is a country of festivals. It has festivals thoughout the year. Lets vote for our favorite festivals of them all.

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Best Movie Of Aamir Khan

Created by in Movies

1619 Views 28 Votes

Amir Khan made his debut from "JO Jeeta Wohi Sikandar".He make hundreds film and give many blockbusters.he called by MR. Perfectnist in the bollywood.

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Most popular University In India

Created by in Education

1738 Views 13 Votes

A university is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects .many colleges attracted with the university

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Obama Vs Romney

Created by in Politics

740 Views 6 Votes

Polls are on for US president , lets see who is going to win the contest - Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

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Which is the best web browser

Created by in Technology

1180 Views 20 Votes

We all use internet today. And web browser allows us to view sites and do stuff we want to do online. There are several browsers available today. I personally use firefox though people have their own choices. Lets see how many people use what browser to use internet...

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