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Who is the most dangerous Batsman

Created by in Sports

2302 Views 13 Votes

For cricket lovers, Here is a very interesting poll to find the most dangerous batsman in the world of cricket.

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Most expensive players of IPL7

Created by in Sports

1412 Views 0 Votes

IPL takes the cricket arena to the next level and turns it into the most glamorous sport of the world. Team in IPL fight for a single title of best team in ipl Eight franchises are gearing up for a well-awaited latest season of IPL and some will be awestruck to know that more than 468 crores were spent for the IPL7 auction this year.

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Best animated movies of all time

Created by in Entertainment

1096 Views 11 Votes

Animated movies are a favorite of today's audiences of all ages. They contain humor, romance, and scenes that touch the hearts of all. They have beautiful lessons of love, friendship, following your dreams, and life in general. With all these aspects packed into one genre, who can choose a favorite? Pick what you think is the best animated movie to date.

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Best food trucks in america

Created by in Food

1740 Views 34 Votes

There is a new trend emerging in America that involves high-class delicious meals on food trucks working as mobile restaurants. You will find them at midtown clubs, in parks by your office and at gas stations serving burgers, pizza, tacos, lobster rolls, grilled cheese, burritos, classic French food and sous-vide dishes only charger about $10 or even less. They are the best and coolest thing if you are looking for delicious food made quickly. You

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Top 10 honeymoon destinations

Created by in Places

1893 Views 15 Votes

When the wedding ceremony is finished and all the guests are gone, couples immediately start looking forward to the honeymoon trip. These days become the time to unwind, relax and spend memorable time with the life partner. There are many types of honeymoon one can plan such as a vacation on beach, a safari, and ski trip or on any theme according to the personality of the couple. World is full of exotic honeymoon spots from snow covered mountains

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Most beautiful women in the world

Created by in Entertainment

4023 Views 74 Votes

World is full of pretty faces all around but there are some faces who make their mark in the world and phrases like 'bold and beautiful' and 'beauty with brains' all fits on them. Here is the list of top 10 most beautiful women of the world in the year 2013. Most of them are celebrities belonging to showbiz and fashion.

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Top 10 Comedy Movies

Created by in Movies

2680 Views 23 Votes

Hundreds of movies are released every year and it seems they all compete to be better than another. But some movies forever remain in the hearts of people and never lose their spark even after many years. This is the list of some movie that will forever remain in our hearts as epic comedy movies.

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Top 10 richest women in the world

Created by in Business

1542 Views 19 Votes

People interested in known about the richest women in the world then are you at the right place. Women are not backward in this field also.Here we list top 10 richest women in the world.

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Most luxurious hotels in the world

Created by in Places

1322 Views 5 Votes

For world travellers is a list of hotels of more than 7 stars. This a list list of luxurious hotels of the world which are expensive but you will find all the luxury of the world in these hotels so visit these and feel like a king of the world.

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Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Created by in Science

1737 Views 40 Votes

We as humans want a safe and secure life for ourselves and our loved ones; nevertheless the world is full of threats and risks. Talking about wild animals, how deadly an animal can be does not depend on its size. Here is a list for top 10 deadliest animals of the world, starting from number 10.

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