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Most luxurious hotels in the world

Created by in Places

1586 Views 5 Votes

For world travellers is a list of hotels of more than 7 stars. This a list list of luxurious hotels of the world which are expensive but you will find all the luxury of the world in these hotels so visit these and feel like a king of the world.

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Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Created by in Science

1926 Views 40 Votes

We as humans want a safe and secure life for ourselves and our loved ones; nevertheless the world is full of threats and risks. Talking about wild animals, how deadly an animal can be does not depend on its size. Here is a list for top 10 deadliest animals of the world, starting from number 10.

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Most Famous Photo in the World

Created by in History

1432 Views 14 Votes

There are tons of photos are there. Powerful photos depicting important moments of human history. Popular photos fake and real. Which photo is the best? Consider reading most shocking photos of the world

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Most dangerous roads in the world

Created by in Places

1939 Views 3 Votes

If you think that you know driving a vehicle better than anyone else, then you must reconsider it after reading the post below. Your driving experience can be made worst if you are driving on one of the roads mentioned in this list. This is a list of most dangerous roads in the world where you would never want to travel on.

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Top Ten Magazines

Created by in Business

1621 Views 21 Votes

Looking for a time pass while relaxing, what is better than a good magazine? So here is a poll of most popular magazines from around the world check these magazines out and vote for your favorite.

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Who should be the next PM of india

Created by in Politics

3201 Views 193 Votes

India is going through tough times in politics. There are few very strong candidates for being the next PM of india. Some new ones and some of the existing parties. It will be great to see if the new ones put up a good fight for the existing ones. Arvind Kejriwal, Narendra modi, Rahul are three big names which will be in top of this list. What do you think?

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Best Waterfalls in the World

Created by in Places

1281 Views 10 Votes

Nature is compelling, beautiful, and downright awe-inspiring. Various aspects of this wonderful world, but perhaps none emit such breathtaking beauty than the world's greatest waterfalls. They evoke power; they are idyllic; they are Heaven's caress here on Earth. Out of the ten most beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfalls this world has to offer, which one do you think is the absolute best?

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Best Talk Shows

Created by in TV

1406 Views 6 Votes

Talk shows are some of the greatest television programs out there. Airing throughout the day and night and with countless different topics available for discussion, there's a talk show for everyone. Here is a list of ten of the greatest talk shows on air. Vote for which one you like the most.

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Top 10 Wonders of the World

Created by in Places

1295 Views 13 Votes

No matter where you live, there are beautiful aspects of this world all around you. Many of us have heard of the seven wonders of the world. However, how can we round out the top ten places or landmarks that are the most beautiful and enchanting? Here's a list. You decide which one is simply beyond compare.

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Best Bollywood Movies of 2013

Created by in Movies

2420 Views 124 Votes

Every year, Bollywood pumps out some of the greatest movies to hit cinemas. For those who don't know, Bollywood is India's film industry, much like Hollywood in the United States. The movies often involve colorful costumes and dance numbers. There are many Bollywood films that have had fantastic success in the U.S. As for this year, here is a list of the top ten Bollywood movies of 2013. Which one do you think was the absolute best?

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