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Best U.S. Department Stores

Created by in Business

1035 Views 2 Votes

Department stores are huge in the U.S. People love the large selection of items in one store. From the high-end stores like Von Maur, to the mid-end stores like Sears. Department stores make a fortune every day satisfying their customers. But which one is the best? Come on in and take your pick!

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Best Body Piercing

Created by in Misc

1268 Views 4 Votes

Piercings are one of the most popular body modifications in history. They date as far back as we can remember; and are found in many different cultures. Today, people can pierce almost anything. From the forehead right down to the feet. There are two types of piercings. The most common one is where a hole or two are made to make the piercing go in and out. The other one is called a dermal, where there is only an entry and no way to take it out wi

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Most Dangerous Snake in the World

Created by in Science

3148 Views 39 Votes

Today we are talking about most dangerous, venomous and deadliest snakes in the world. Yearly more than 100,000 people are killed by snake bites. But not all of them are venomous, infact only very few snakes in the world are venomous. There are about 2,900 species of snakes. Of these, 375 are venomous. Here is the list of most dangerous snakes from around the world.

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Best fruits to eat

Created by in Food

1047 Views 35 Votes

For those who want to live a healthy life, and who want to have a perfect body, hair or skin, eating fruits is one of the easiest ways to reach perfection they seek for. Eating fruits carries a lot of benefits. The digestion of fruits last for only 30 minutes, so we can conclude fruits are great for our digestive system, for sure. Further, the calorific value of fruits is very law, that’s why fruits are great when it comes to diets whose purpo

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The Most Beautiful Traditional Dress

Created by in Misc

10751 Views 90 Votes

The traditional dress of many countries is considered exotic an beautiful. Especially the women's dress. From the kimono to the hanbok to the nwenda, women have been dressing very well for a very long time. Which traditional dress is the most beautiful, though? Come on in and answer this question for yourself!

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Best Books of All Time

Created by in Books

1318 Views 40 Votes

Most of the people read books because they're funny, but they also know that reading books carries a lot of benefits. It doesn't matter if you love dragons, knights, serial killers, or great lovers, the books are there to entertain you and to expand your views. While you read a book, you enter into the world of characters, you experience their adventures, their emotions and thoughts which you probably wouldn't face in real life. You laugh with ch

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The Best House Pets

Created by in Misc

889 Views 1 Votes

People are in love with pets these days. And they come in all sorts of species. From the more traditional and useful pets like dogs and cats to the more because-they're-pretty pets like birds and fish. And then there are the more fun pets like ferrets and rabbits. What's your favorite house pet?

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Most popular hollywood stars

Created by in Movies

6878 Views 115 Votes

This post is about one of the most talked about topic on this internet "Hollywood". Hollywood has produced one of the finest actors in its history. Some became famous for there acting and some for there style. So we thought to make a list of hollwood actors who has achieved or are on top popularity scale. Actors who are famous, who charge the most for a movie, who have the highest fan following in the entire world.

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Best movie Channel

Created by in Entertainment

5354 Views 29 Votes

Movies the greatest time pass while you are sitting idle. The concern here is that which channel show the best movies at best quality and with out interrupting much with advertisements. Here is list of top movie channels, vote and select the best movie channel.

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Most Beautiful Bird

Created by in Misc

1304 Views 6 Votes

There are many of beautiful birds on this Earth. From the extravagant peacock to the simple cardinal, birds offer us something pretty to look at as they fly through the sky. Which one is the most beautiful, though? Come in and choose your favorite.

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