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Most common addictions

Created by in Education

1094 Views | 5 Votes

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about most common addictions in modern human now a days. Today people have different and sometimes very strange addictions although I believe the strange once are just for show off really as people want to get attention by showing some distinct hobbies. But here in this list we are only trying to find the most common once by voting them. A general advise, please don't be addict to anything, as it can b...

Love marriage vs Arranged marriage

Created by in Education

4180 Views | 64 Votes

A big question of arrange vs love marriage that rises in mind of every young man or women in india. India a country where priorities are given to family relationships rather in external relationships. But some people say that the reason for forcing of arrange marriage is not priorities but its the fact that they believe that arrange marriage will last long and happy than love marriage. Today we are going to discuss the good or bad aspects of both...

Best Univeristies in the World

Created by in Education

1437 Views | 11 Votes

If you want to get a decent job these days, a university education is the way to go. In any country, jobs value those that have been educated beyond high school. Plus, the university experience is a unique one full of stress, homework, and fun. From your social to professional life, a university education will be the best pick for you. So, which university in this world is the best?

Best University in the United States

Created by in Education

1215 Views | 15 Votes

Universities are highly popular now. And for good reason. It's hard to get a decent job anywhere in the U.S. without at least a bachelor's degree. Many good jobs demand even more. So where should you get your degrees? You could go the cheap way and do a state college. Or you could dish out a huge sum and go to one of the best universities in the U.S. Which one tops all the others? You decide!

I want to kill myself : Why?

Created by in Education

1427 Views | 12 Votes

I Want to do die, if this question is going through your mind then we want to gain your attention and want to know why and what are the reasions that have compled you do even think about dying. We understand that how much mental pressure you are going through but my dear friends nothing is above life not even God, not your wife, not your mother and any precious thing in the world. I had a chat with a guys who committed suicide but was saved some ...

Best Colleges of Delhi University

Created by in Education

5727 Views | 91 Votes

Stress of exams have come to an end already and it now stress of result and the biggest of them is the stress of finding the best colleges in DU (Delhi University) . This could be the biggest decision of your life as this is going to take you from your childhood to your adulthood and set the basis for you career, we advice you to care fully observe each college and choose the best one.Picspeaks thought to help students in there decision of which ...

Top Engineering Colleges in India

Created by in Education

1905 Views | 13 Votes

For those who are looking to see that which engineering college is best for there engineering career. Here is a list of top engineering colleges in india based on number of places in the last year, number of students who apply for an admission in the college every year. Also the data is taken from outlook 2012 and india today 2012 which conduct surveys to find the best engineering college in the country.

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