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Best new year resolutions

Created by in Entertainment

1746 Views | 25 Votes

With new hopes and thoughts we are just about to enter into the new year. Its interesting that every year we take oaths on different things. Here we discuss today what are the most common resolutions that people take around the world.

Sexiest asian women

Created by in Entertainment

3908 Views | 101 Votes

List for the sexiest asian women for the year 2013 is out. Which says that katrina kaif wins the race for the third time. Picspeaks decided to created a poll

Best American Idol Winner

Created by in Entertainment

1580 Views | 14 Votes

American Idol is one of the most popular TV shows in the States. People love watching the good, the bad, and the ugly compete to win the coveted record deal and fame. There have been many winners, now, as there have been many seasons. Which winner is the best of the best? Which American Idol winner is the greatest at what he/she does?

Best Science Fiction Movie(s)

Created by in Entertainment

1776 Views | 9 Votes

Science fiction movies have found a new place in our list of favorite movies. Lovers of this genre used to be mocked. Laughed at. Teased. But today, people are beginning to realize the awesomeness of sci-fi movies. The special effects, the drama, the action. Who wouldn't want all that in one movie? So, which sci-fi movie is the best?

Best Action Movies of 2012

Created by in Entertainment

1688 Views | 4 Votes

Action movies are by far one of the most popular movies out there today. They keep your adrenaline going as you sit on the edge of your seat cheering on your favorite character. We understand that you are free today and searching for movies to watch for. So here is a list assisting you to select one.Choose the best action movies of 2012 from the below list.

Best animated movies of all time

Created by in Entertainment

1453 Views | 11 Votes

Animated movies are a favorite of today's audiences of all ages. They contain humor, romance, and scenes that touch the hearts of all. They have beautiful lessons of love, friendship, following your dreams, and life in general. With all these aspects packed into one genre, who can choose a favorite? Pick what you think is the best animated movie to date.

Bollywood Bombshells and their Hot legs

Created by in Entertainment

2277 Views | 56 Votes

When it comes to beauty, Bollywood has got it. When it comes to style, Bollywood is acing it. But when it comes to fitness and looking sexy in a toned figure, Bollywood Diva's are nailing it! Who do you think has the hottest pair of perfectly toned legs? Leggy lass Deepika? Bengali beauty Bipasha? Badmash Babli Priyanka? Kareena or katrina's yoga toned legs? Bombshell Malaika Arora’s legs? Or last but not the least, our favourite Barbie doll Ka...

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