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Best Celebrity Tattoo

Created by in Entertainment

1788 Views | 7 Votes

A trend of having tattoos on body is so popular not only among people but also among celebrities. Celebrities from Hollywood and following this a lot, so here is a list of celebrities with their tattoos on their bodies, vote the best tattoo. Here is a good article on best of Mehndi (so called Indian version of tattoos) designs that one can choose to have on themhttps://www.piercingmodels.com/simple-arabic-mehndi-designs/

Indian Celebs who should not be famous

Created by in Entertainment

1013 Views | 6 Votes

There are some celebs who are famous but they should not be. Or we can say that these famous because of their publicity stunts. So what do you think about these controversial which are famous but should not be. Here is a list of such celebs, vote for the celebs that you think should not be famous.

Whats your New Year Resolution

Created by in Entertainment

1281 Views | 9 Votes

Celebration for new year is coming close.

Best Music Channel in India

Created by in Entertainment

2237 Views | 26 Votes

We all love to listen music, though the music type can be different. Some may like slow where as some rock and loud. So lets see which music channel played best of songs through out the years. Vote for the best music channel in india.

Best movie Channel

Created by in Entertainment

5432 Views | 29 Votes

Movies the greatest time pass while you are sitting idle. The concern here is that which channel show the best movies at best quality and with out interrupting much with advertisements. Here is list of top movie channels, vote and select the best movie channel.

Best singer in the world male

Created by in Entertainment

1737 Views | 19 Votes

Here is list of best male singers in the world today. Singers who have rocked the world with their voice and live shows. Vote for the best singer and the deserving guy win.

Top 10 Most desirable women in the world

Created by in Entertainment

1485 Views | 20 Votes

A very popular and happening list here of most desirable women in the world. The list of based on current popularization and activities done by these women.

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