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Top 10 Comedy Movies

Created by in Movies

3198 Views | 34 Votes

Hundreds of movies are released every year and it seems they all compete to be better than another. But some movies forever remain in the hearts of people and never lose their spark even after many years. This is the list of some movie that will forever remain in our hearts as epic comedy movies.

Best Bollywood Movies of 2013

Created by in Movies

2564 Views | 124 Votes

Every year, Bollywood pumps out some of the greatest movies to hit cinemas. For those who don't know, Bollywood is India's film industry, much like Hollywood in the United States. The movies often involve colorful costumes and dance numbers. There are many Bollywood films that have had fantastic success in the U.S. As for this year, here is a list of the top ten Bollywood movies of 2013. Which one do you think was the absolute best?

Most Romantic Movies of Hollywood

Created by in Movies

3100 Views | 84 Votes

People who want to see romance and love in a movie that has comedy and every other aspect that can bring love alive in their life then this polls is a must read. These movies can be a uplift to ones dying relationships. In this poll we are going to publish some of the most romantic movies of hollywoodof all times that can perhaps be a good time pass when you alone or with your loved ones.

Highest Paid Actors 2013

Created by in Movies

1756 Views | 14 Votes

Every year, Forbes Magazine compiles a list of the highest paid actors for that given year. Actors of previous lists may have surprised you. Just because an actor is famous does not mean he's making the most money. This year's list included all of the highest paid actors for 2013, the top ten of which are listed here. Which one do you think deserved the most money?

Best Youtube Videos of All Time

Created by in Movies

1426 Views | 3 Votes

YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet today. Millions of videos are uploaded to the site, and many videos go viral extremely quickly. There is a chart on YouTube that lists the most watched videos of all time. Of the top ten listed below, which one do you think was the best?

Most horrifying movie of hollywood

Created by in Movies

1701 Views | 17 Votes

One of America's favorite movie genres is horror. We just love sitting on the edge of our seats, telling the character not to go in there, and watching them go in there, anyway. We love being scared out of our wits when something jumps out at us on the screen. It gives us a kind of adrenaline rush that can't be replaced by any other genre of movie. Nothing can beat a good scare.

Most popular hollywood stars

Created by in Movies

7031 Views | 115 Votes

This post is about one of the most talked about topic on this internet "Hollywood". Hollywood has produced one of the finest actors in its history. Some became famous for there acting and some for there style. So we thought to make a list of hollwood actors who has achieved or are on top popularity scale. Actors who are famous, who charge the most for a movie, who have the highest fan following in the entire world.

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