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Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2013

Created by in Movies

2181 Views | 48 Votes

Another great year for bollywood as huge number of movies releasing in 2013. 2012 movies being a good year for bollywood it started to expect more from 2013. This post displays list of upcoming bollywood movies of 2013 and little about their story and cast to give you an idea which movies are going to be the blockbuster of the year.

Salman Khan Or Shahrukh Khan

Created by in Movies

4350 Views | 329 Votes

Salman Khan and Sharhrukh Khan the two biggest super stars of bollywood. Both the actors has popular not only in india but also around the world. Both the heros have the statues at madame tussauds museum. People compare these two stars as to find who is best khan. So lets find out who has the highest fan following in the world, salman or shahrukh.

Best Movie Series

Created by in Movies

2472 Views | 33 Votes

Movies that are shown in series are becoming very popular as people are keen to know that whats going to happen in the next sequel or part. Some series have made great impact on people that every time there next part is released then people do watch that part, without known the feedback of it , as the part of this movie was awesome.

Hollywood Vs Bollywood

Created by in Movies

1793 Views | 17 Votes

Hollywood vs Bollywood a question that may arise in every film director or film producer. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have their own strengths and weakness. So we thought lets ask people that what do they think about these two industries that complement each other. Vote if you like bollywood movies and vote hollywood if you like hollywood.

Best movie of Shahrukh Khan

Created by in Movies

2297 Views | 114 Votes

Shahrukh Khan the most romantic hero of bollywood, have done a lot of very good movies which stand in the list of most popular, and loved movies in bollywood. Shahrukh Khan is often referred to as SRK has done more than 50 movies out of which most of them are block busters. Here is list of best movies of shahrukh khan, vote on movies to help us select the best of best movies of shahrukh.

List of Hindi Films in 2012

Created by in Movies

2024 Views | 21 Votes

Looking at the interest of people in bollywood celebrities and movies in 2012, here is a list of movies release in 2012. These are movies that performed very good in the year 2012 and were loved by people all over the world. Vote for the best movie of 2012 and help us choose the best hindi movie in the year 2012.

Best Movie by James Cameron

Created by in Movies

1537 Views | 3 Votes

James Cameron is a film director , producer and writer , he has made several good movies. Some of his movie have even won a oscar award. Here is a list of most popular and best movies of James Cameron, vote and choose the best of his best movies.

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