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Best Khan in bollywood

Created by in Movies

1620 Views | 65 Votes

We all know that bollywood is dominated by khans so here is the poll that is trying to find the best khan of bollywood. Help us to find the best of them.

Most romantic movie of bollywood

Created by in Movies

2303 Views | 46 Votes

Love is in the air, for those who love. So here is list of a must watch romanticbollywood movies lovers. A list of most romantic movies of all times in bollywood. There has been a lot of movies that touches our life and the list could behuge but I am going to try to short the list of movies that I have seen. Lets seehow many of you agree with this list.

Funniest Movie of Bollywood ever

Created by in Movies

1543 Views | 20 Votes

Bollywood has made several comady movies some of them are really good. Picspeaks lists here some of them to find the funniest of them , help us to find the best one.

Best actor as James Bond

Created by in Movies

1665 Views | 7 Votes

James Bond is a very popular series of Bond movies where an actors plays the role of a spy. We have seen so many actors acting as bond. Lets see which of them did Bond as best.

Best Movie Of Aamir Khan

Created by in Movies

1657 Views | 28 Votes

Amir Khan made his debut from "JO Jeeta Wohi Sikandar".He make hundreds film and give many blockbusters.he called by MR. Perfectnist in the bollywood.

Most horror part of Wrong Turn series

Created by in Movies

5728 Views | 46 Votes

People who are found of horror movies must know about a movie series known as 'Wrong Turn' which is one of most horror movies of hollywood that I have seen so far.This movie series is release in several parts ( 5 parts so far). The story-line of all movies circulates around few man eaters (cannibals) and people who are into jungle either by accident or by chance. Although all parts of the wrong turn series are horrifying but here in this list we ...

Best comedy Movies

Created by in Movies

2104 Views | 9 Votes

Comedy is the biggest factor of a movie to make it successful on box office. Comedy movies are loved by people of all age groups this is the reason that there are high chances of more people coming to watch the movie. Now if you are sitting idle on a sunday or holiday and are searching for a comedy movie then the question arises which one to watch. Now this is a big question as if you select a bad movie to watch then you will end up wasting 2-3 h...

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