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Most popular Superhero

Created by in Movies

915 Views | 15 Votes

Super hero have been so attractive and fascinating character for all age peoples. Every have their favorites. Lets find out which superhero is most popular among us.

Best Director in bollywood history

Created by in Movies

1332 Views | 24 Votes

In India Movies are everyone's favorites people love dance music action drama everything so Bollywood is here. In india more than 300 movies release every year and who make those wonderful movies are also great artist pick one of your favorite Director in Bollywood history.

Best horror movies of all time

Created by in Movies

1770 Views | 17 Votes

Here is the list of best horror movies of all time list. I hope you'll enjoy it. Please help my by adding more if you think you have seen more horrifying movies then these.

Ranbeer Kapoor paired with which actress looks better

Created by in Movies

1100 Views | 29 Votes

Which one is the best on screen couple

Created by in Movies

1145 Views | 29 Votes

which is the best ever movie in bollywood

Created by in Movies

848 Views | 16 Votes

The best ever movie in hollywood

Created by in Movies

935 Views | 13 Votes

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