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Who Is Most Famous Cricketer

Created by in Sports

1923 Views | 17 Votes

In the cricket many cricketers are the most famous in the world.they played very well and his style of the play is amazing.they use new techniques in our play like sachin gawaskar etc.

Best Team In IPL

Created by in Sports

2974 Views | 101 Votes

Lalit Modi started the IPL he was the chairman of the IPL.IPL (Indian Premier League) was started in 2008 at that time it considered eight teams where in the year 2011 two new teams got linked in now ten teams participate in IPL. In the year 2013 we are going to have yet another IPL season with players sold on high bids which means there is going to be great and even more fun this year. So here is a poll of selecting the best team in ipl 2013.

Best Opening Pair In World Cricket

Created by in Sports

1320 Views | 21 Votes

In the cricket many teams have best opening pair ad his record is very better so choose the best opening pair

Best Cricket Stadium In India

Created by in Sports

1499 Views | 21 Votes

A stadium is that place where people come to see the sport and sit in the stadium.It is a large place and in the form of circle.the power of a stadium almost 50 thousand.

Best Umpire In ICC

Created by in Sports

1729 Views | 10 Votes

The role of the umpire in cricket to give the correct decision.A cricket umpire is not to be confused with the referee who usually presides only over international matches and makes no decisions affecting the outcome of the game

Best Fast Bowler In Cricket Ever

Created by in Sports

1358 Views | 15 Votes

Fast bowling, sometimes known as pace bowling, is one of the two main approaches to bowling in the sport of cricket.The main aim of fast bowling is to bowl the hard cricket ball at high speed.the fast bowlers can through much bounce than spin bowler

Your favorite football team

Created by in Sports

1019 Views | 6 Votes

Another interesting poll by picspeaks for choosing you favorite football team in the world. Let see which one wins.

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