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Best Shoe Brand

Created by in Sports

1381 Views | 8 Votes

Several companies fighting for the top position for shoes. We have listed the leaders here, vote and choose the one which is most popular and best of all of them.

Most popular sport in the world

Created by in Sports

1612 Views | 20 Votes

This post is to find out the most popular sport in the world.Sports are a great source of stress busters and people watch them with great interest.There are several sports played in different countries based. Lets find out which sport is most popular in the world today. Please add your options to help me find out which is most popular sport.

Who’s your favourite sports person

Created by in Sports

1684 Views | 19 Votes

Which athlete do you cheer for the most? Who's your favorite swimmer or basketball player? Who deserves the sports personality of the year nod? Just let us know your fan favorite!

Who is the most dangerous Batsman

Created by in Sports

2643 Views | 14 Votes

For cricket lovers, Here is a very interesting poll to find the most dangerous batsman in the world of cricket.

Most famous cricketer in the world

Created by in Sports

1934 Views | 27 Votes

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