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Animated movies are a favorite of today’s audiences of all ages. They contain humor, romance, and scenes that touch the hearts of all. They have beautiful lessons of love, friendship, following your dreams, and life in general. With all these aspects packed into one genre, who can choose a favorite? Pick what you think is the best animated movie to date.

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Up 4 votes 1


Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney
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Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney on 07 July, 13

Up is a touching story of an old man and a boy going on a big adventure.Carl Frederickson never had much of an exciting life despite his dreams of adventure. Russell dreams of a simple camping trip. Well, when Carl is about to be forced into a nursing home, he starts on the adventure of a lifetime. And Russell unintentionally joins him. This is a story of learning what is really important in life. People, friends, wildlife conservation, and making the right choices.

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Wall-E 3 votes 2


Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney
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Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney on 07 July, 13

Wall-E is a lovely story about true love and being yourself. It takes place well into the futures when humans have completely trashed Planet Earth. Robotic trash-compressors called Wall-E's were made to manage the trash while the humans went on vacation in a space station. But things didn't go as planned and Earth was deemed officially uninhabitable. The Wall-E's were left to rot. But one has survived all this time. He's unlike the others. He has his own little home and collects interesting things while doing his job of compressing trash. Then EVE shows up. Her job is to find natural life on the planet. Wall-E is enchanted by her. And so begins their adventure. This movie shows that it is important to be yourself, care for our planet, and that love can happen anywhere.

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Shrek 2 votes 3


Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney
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Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney on 07 July, 13

Shrek is the typical fairy tale turned upside down. When his swamp is invaded by fairy tale creatures, Shrek goes to the king to complain. He gets roped into saving a princess from a tower guarded by a dragon for said king. The plan is that she will get back to the kingdom safe thanks to Shrek, will fall in love with the king, the king will rid the fairy tale creatures from Shrek's swamp, and they will all live happily ever after. But things don't go as planned. This is a movie about looking past the way things seem on the outside and appreciating the person within. It's about how love can happen for anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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Bolt 1 votes 4


Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney
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Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney on 07 July, 13

Bolt is a story about the importance and power of friendship. When superstar dog Bolt accidentally finds himself on a place from Los Angeles to New York City, his owner, Penny, will do anything to find him. And Bolt, believing her to be in danger, will do anything to find his way back to her. He teams up with a cat who has lost her faith in humans, and a hamster that is beyond ecstatic to called his friend. Throughout their journey, they learn what it means to be a friend to each other. After all, their friendship and teamwork is all they have to survive.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas 1 votes 5

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney
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Rachel Anne Dymphna Sweeney on 07 July, 13

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a story about the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and his frustration with the same old-same old. When he stumbles upon Christmas Town, he sets to work making his dream of doing something different come true. But not necessarily in the right way. His love interest, a rag doll named Sally, tries to warn him that things will go wrong, but her warning goes unheeded until everything falls apart. This is a story about how to follow your dreams the right way and trying to fix things when you've ruined them. With some good romance thrown in there.

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