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A Content Management System (CMS) is a application that give the users the basic functionality to build a website. Through this application the administrator can manage site pages, manage users and make the content public or private. Some of the CMS based on PHP language are becoming so famous that most of the websites today are now created with these CMS. Extentions and plugins of each CMS are available for free which gives the site additional functionality like E-commerce, online contests, social media optimization.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Drupal is PHP based open source framework and CMS that follow a modular approach to build secure, scalable, fast and social web application. Today millions of sites are developed using this CMS. Drupal is also famous as its been adopted by many of the big shots of internet world like yahoo. The thing that make drupal different from other applications is that it has extensions added point that most of the extensions are free.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Joomla is one of the oldest and most popular content management systems available today. Joomla is based on MVC ( Model View Controller) architecture , and follows 'Singleton' programming pattern. Joomla is well known for handling big websites that includes that functionality of E-commerce, News Sites, Hotel sites, blogs etc. Joomla has a huge community support which makes it easier for the developer and the user to use and modify the application easily. Over 10,000 extensions are available from the official Joomla! Extension Directory Joomla Extensions. JEvents, Kunena, Community Builder,VirtueMart,Docman are some of the most popular extensions of joomla. The core developer team of joomla have made every possible effort to make joomla the best CMS.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

The Most popular blogging CMS available today is surely wordpress. Though wordpress is the most used CMS for a basic website or blog but the plugins available for wordpress makes it usable for any kind of website. The interesting things about wordpress is the number of tables that a wordpress installation comes with is only 11 which is minimum for any CMS available today. This is also the disadvantage of wordpress as all the data is stored in limited number of tables which makes wordpress go slow for heavy sites. Wordpress plugins are downloadable from this here.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Expression Engine is an example of thoughtful coding better product. A content management system software that is secure and can handle enterprise level applications. The only thing that goes against this great CMS is, it is paid and this makes people avoiding to use it.

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SilverStripe 1 votes 5


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Deepak on 01 January, 13

A fast, flexible and easy to use content management system that has a great administration panel. SilverStripe is developed over a framework based on php known as SilverStripe. Some of the main highlights of the CMS are - Drag and drop tree based navigation structure. Multiple templates per page SEO Friendly urls Full text search RSS feeds and a lot more functionalist.

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