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Comedy is something that anyone in the world would love to listen or watch. In the last few year comedy in india has become a great area where indian comedians are coming up in tv shows in india and doing stand up comedy. Though comedy has always been a strong base of indian movies but for the last few year it has become a separate entity on TV and have received great response by audience. So who is the best indian comedian of all time , here is a list to select and choose the best comedian of india.

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Kapil Sharma 117 votes 1

Kapil Sharma

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Deepak on 07 July, 12

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His' is no.1comedion in india

Gaurav kumar

Best comedian


Oh my God Gadha aa gaya


Raju srivastava 44 votes 2

Raju srivastava

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Deepak on 07 July, 12

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Rajpal yadav 20 votes 3

Rajpal yadav

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Deepak on 07 July, 12

Rajpal yadav is a great comedian in indian films. He is the future of comedy in the film industry of india. He has a very different style of comedy which makes him more interesting to watch. his unique style of speaking and dialog delivery is more funny.

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Johny Lever 17 votes 4

Johny Lever

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Deepak on 03 March, 13

Johny Lever has been the only comedian with more than thousand face expressions, he is been handling the comedy part of all most all movies since he has joined the industry. He is undoubtedly the best comedian of india.

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Sudesh lehri 13 votes 5

Sudesh lehri

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Deepak on 07 July, 12

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krishna 11 votes 6


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Deepak on 07 July, 12

Krishna is originally an actors but he has come up with great spirit as comedian from the show Comedy Circus together with sudesh lehri. He is been the leading comedian in the show and making places as a comedian in the hearts of the audience.

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Jaspal bhatti 3 votes 7

Jaspal bhatti

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Deepak on 10 October, 12

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