Best Perfumes for Women

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Women use many tricks to be elegant but more importantly to gain men’s interest. High heels, expensive pursed, dresses and other accessories are essential parts of women’s equipment for seducing men. If you ask a woman what must not be omitted to reach full elegance, she will answer that the perfume is the right key which leads to success. The right mixture of smells can drive any men crazy. Tastes are different but it seems that some companies mixed the right ingredients and reached the perfection. Did they?! Which perfume is perfect for your sense of smell?

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Coco Noir from Chanel 12 votes 1

Coco Noir from Chanel

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Perfume for elegant, sophisticated and independent women. Essential part of this perfume is made of absolute of rose, jasmine absolute, narcissus and rose geranium leaf. Perfect ingredients to reach the perfection.

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Lady Million Paco Rabbane 11 votes 2

Lady Million Paco Rabbane

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

One of the most popular perfume in the past few years. The bottle designed as gold diamond represents luxury and pageantry. Combination of flower, fresh and tree ingredients gives amazing therapy for sense of smell.

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Chanel no. 5 10 votes 3

Chanel no. 5

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

The first perfume released by Coco Chanel. It is composition which doesn’t smell like rose but like a woman. Neither of the ingredients can be separated and this is what makes it mysterious and interesting for women.

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Dolce Gabbana Red 9 votes 4

Dolce Gabbana Red

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Mixture of notes of petitgrain, tangerine, basil, ivy, aldehyde cuddle you and make you feel like a diva. You can feel the smell of the passion on your skin.

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Obsession 8 votes 5


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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Perfume for every occasion by one of the most popular perfume brand, Calvin Klein. Calvin mixed green notes, mandarin, orange, peach, vanilla, basil, bergamot, and lemon with many other sweet and sharp notes to reach the perfection.

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