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IPl 6 fever has started again this year with its 6th season and with best players from around the world. A lot of shuffle done again this year as players moved from one team to another. The best thing that i like about ipl is that no team win here but its the cricket that wins. People cheering for players of other countries makes me feel good. It looks great when in a match sachin tendulkar and ricky ponting are playing in the same team and batting while its muridharan bowling to them.
The best thing of IPl is the Orange and Purple caps of the players that is given to the best batsman and best bowler of the tournament. The caps keep rotating with in players as they move forward with points. But all of us have our own best list of players, lets express our best players here by voting them.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni 43 votes 1

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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Deepak on 04 April, 13

The captain of chennai super kings MS dhoni is the ultimate choice of any one in the world when it comes T20 (Twenty Twenty) cricket. So he is the key player to look for this IPL season. Due to his consistent performance in all the 5 seasons he is one of the best players in the coming season.

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Chris Gayle 21 votes 2

Chris Gayle

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Deepak on 04 April, 13

Chris gayle is been one of the most consistent players of IPl who has score runs with speed than any other batsman. His sold rates are also very high which is most obvious as he is actually the most dangerous batsman in the world. Hope to see gayle topping the list.

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Virat Kohli 19 votes 3

Virat Kohli

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Deepak on 04 April, 13

Due to consistent performance over the last one year virat has become a player to watch out for this season in ipl 6. He is playing for Bangelore this year hope to see him score good runs and how he leads the team.

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Ricky Ponting 16 votes 4

Ricky Ponting

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Deepak on 04 April, 13

Ricky Pointing is the captain of mumbai indian this ipl season. He is the old lion of australian cricket team so he the player to watch out for also. Hope to see him scoring runs.

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Yuvraj Singh 12 votes 5

Yuvraj Singh

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Deepak on 04 April, 13

All fighting with the cancer a big hitter from indian team yuvraj singh is back into business with his bat keen to hit bowls out of the parks. Experts will be looking at how he performs this season in ipl (Indian Premier League ,Pepsi). Yuvraj is playing for Pune warriors this year.

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Mahela Jaiwardhane 4 votes 6

Mahela Jaiwardhane

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Deepak on 04 April, 13

Mahela jaiwardhane the never out of form batsman is one of my personal favorites, i would want him to score few runs as he usually does, this year he is playing for delhi.

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Rahul Dravid 4 votes 7

Rahul Dravid

Riyas Melattur
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Riyas Melattur on 05 May, 13

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