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India is one of largest countries of the world with several communities and political parties in it. Reason being different languages, different type of people want to support people of their origin or cast. This has caused adverse effects on political system in india which keeps on burning with issues and each party blaming the other for it. Lot of scam cases which are under investigation are the results of such a system.
Now when it comes to voting for a political party then question arises that which is the best party to vote for , a party that will make good to the society and country, rather than blaming each other , they should to stick to their duties being a politician. So lets choose the best political party in india that you want to see in power for the upcoming elections in year 2014.

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Bhartiya Janta Party 210 votes 1

Bhartiya Janta Party

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Deepak on 08 August, 13

BJP is one of premier parties of india and has been in power for quite some time. It is said that Mr atal bihari vajpayee has been the best prime minister in india so far. I personally do agree with this. But BJP still has some black sheeps in it and thats the reason the party not been in power for long. Though now a day a minister called Narendra modi has come up with great enthusiasm and confidence to lead india and take it to heights.

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as per my view congress party is best because its secular party. and takes care the feelings of every indian

sajid ak md mustafa

modi will good the my country .it's 100%

kumar yadav

best leaders in BJP

Raja Sekhar

bjp is the best party of india congresh wrest party

sangram keshari

bjp is the only hope of india

sunder saini

BJP is the hope of Baratha

Prashanth Kumar

This is a Bakwas Party in my view BJP is terrorist party ?

Alka Arora

Aam Aadmi Party 119 votes 2

Aam Aadmi Party

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Deepak on 08 August, 13

Aam aadmi party is one of the newest parties in the indian constitution with Arvind kejriwal leading it. The common man of india has so many expectations with this party but i am not sure if majority would actually vote for AAP. Though i personally want AAP to be there at the center (Delhi).

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No 1 420 party of India


Aam Aadmi Party is the Best (the the the the BEST !!) party of India.

Narendra Modi

Congress 67 votes 3


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Deepak on 08 August, 13

Congress has been most consistent party in terms of winning the contest. The party has some of the very highly educated politician in it. But one question that arises to my mind is, congress is been ruling india for several years but still they are not able to make it a better place for a common man, in-spite of tax, vat, price hike they have not been able to bring the Rs. to grow.

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They are Blood suckers


Congress Party is the criminal party in my view ?

Rahul Gandhi

Bahujan Samaj Party 19 votes 4

Bahujan Samaj Party

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Deepak on 08 August, 13

Another party of UP other than SP. These two parties keeps rotating the government here in UP. Now i think time has come in UP to try for a third one.

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I am not able to see publicity for bsp and people are confused with party


Samajwadi Party 8 votes 5

Samajwadi Party

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Deepak on 08 August, 13

This party rules in UP which is a state about which it is said that any party winning here has the higher chances of been at the center. SP has a great roles that UPA is at the center today.

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Samajwadi Party is very bad party in India ?

Mamta Banerjee


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