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Best Sex Comedy Movies

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Comedy and Sex are the two things that today man would never want to miss out. And a combination of both i.e sex comedy movies together is a gift. Lets vote for the best sex comedy movies.

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American Pie 185 votes 1

American Pie

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Deepak on 03 March, 14

American pie is a movie series that young people would never want to miss. This movie is released in several parts infact 5 of them. It is released with several parts, and all parts are full of comedy and sex ofcourse. So Vote american pie to make it the best sex comedy movie. Most of the actors/actresses have become very popular in hollywood.

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All parts of american pie movie are simply awesome.


Casting Couch Redband (2013) 169 votes 2

Casting Couch Redband (2013)

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Deepak on 02 February, 13

A group of single guys make a fake casting session to find and bang the girls of their dreams, the girls they have fantasized about. This is a very nice sex comedy movies which is must watch. This movie is directed by Jason Lockhart.

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not available on torrent :\


The Girl Next Door 107 votes 3

The Girl Next Door

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Deepak on 03 March, 14

A girl has come to the house next door, and a boy saw her changing clothes. Now he is looking for the same chance or other everyday. Interestingly this girl is a porn star. But this boy does want to love this girl and fights to the business man behind pornography of the girl. Very interesting and romantic story and beautiful girl make this movie a must watch.

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American Pie Reunion 2012 67 votes 4

American Pie Reunion 2012

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Janmeet on 02 February, 13

Another great sex comedy from the american pie movie series where all those college student times have changed, they are now married and their life is totally changed. After watching previous versions of american pie series this is going to be a best one to wathc out for. Lots of comedy and just comedy with humour.

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Harold and Kumar 62 votes 5

Harold and Kumar

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Sonia on 02 February, 13

Harold and kumar is a series of movies which is based on comedy and a bit of sex in it.

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kya kool hai hum 51 votes 6

kya kool hai hum

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Sonia on 02 February, 13

"kya kool hai hum" is a multistarer movie which is based on sexy comedy. This movie was loved by people and due to this a next release of the movie was also done.

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18 Year Old Virgin 50 votes 7

18 Year Old Virgin

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Deepak on 02 February, 13

One more interesting story on sex and comedy where a girls is trying to loose her virginity on the last day of her college ie. on her graduating day. but she later find that its quite easy to say to loose virginity than actually loosing it.

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The Hangover 44 votes 8

The Hangover

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

A group of four friends has decided to go for a bachelor's party before the marriage of one of them. They have drunk all night and done stuff that they should not do. But the next morning they forget everything they did the last night and their friend whose marriage is today is missing. Now they are looking for their missing friend and finding what they did the last night. A must watch movie so vote this to make it the bext sex comedy movie.

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Sex Drive (2008) 32 votes 9

Sex Drive (2008)

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Deepak on 03 March, 13

A boy who loves a girl but gets influenced by one of friend's luck who is very much into women and girls. So he decides to go out and get intimate with a girl before purposing to his girl friend, who he meets a girl online and visits her places to laid. The story is based on a novel All the Way, by Andy Behrens. The movie is a very good combination of sex and comedy

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Love and Other Drugs 24 votes 10

Love and Other Drugs

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Deepak on 05 May, 13

This movie is a romantic comedy movie with several intimate scenes. Its the story of a boy who has started working as pharmaceutical sales representative. Here he get laid so many times with so many girls and later he get the idea of a drug which will make you last long in bed and it is named 'viagra'. Then he meets a girl of his type who is open and free. They get intimate so many times but later boy feels that he has started loving this girl. This girl is ill but love does not allows illness to come in between the two pair. This is must watch movie.

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This is not a comedy movie , it has a serious tone to it

The pussy Destroyer

The 40 Year Old Virgin 22 votes 11

The 40 Year Old Virgin

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

A man eager to have sex is shown in the movie, how he gets into trouble and finally manages to have sex at the end. Very good comedy stuff shown in the movie. Vote this to make it best comedy movie.

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American Pie Presents: The Book of Love 20 votes 12

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love

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Deepak on 02 February, 13

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is the seventh part of the "American Pie" movie series. Here three friends who are desperate to get laid with the girls in the mind but unfortunately every time they try to do it something goes wrong. Later they discover that this is probably not the right way to get laid so they approach few guys who have added their sex experience in a book called the "Book of Love". They have decided to redesign the book and the process they find the its not sex but the love that attracts them to their girls.

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Good Luck Chuck 20 votes 13

Good Luck Chuck

Jiten Choudhary
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Jiten Choudhary on 07 July, 13

Good Luck Chuck is a 2007 romantic comedy film starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. In the film, women find their "one true love" after having sex with a dentist named Chuck. Chuck meets a girl named Cam and tries to become her true love

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Road Trip 19 votes 14

Road Trip

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Deepak on 02 February, 13

A story where two lovers are staying away from each other and to make sure they still love each other the boy sends his daily videos to the his love. One day this boy goes to party with his friend where both drunk too much and had sex with girls, this sex tape is recorded by his friend. Accidently this boy sends this tape to her girlfriend which create a problem. So he drives back to his girlfriend together with his friends and the story goes great in the journey.

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Virgin Territory 18 votes 15

Virgin Territory

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Virgin Territory is a romantic comedy film.The film is set in Tuscany during the Black Death. As in the Decameron, ten young Florentines take refuge from the plague. But instead of telling stories, they have lusty adventures, bawdy exchanges, romance and swordplay. There are randy nuns, Saracen pirates, and a sexy cow. Vote this movie to make it best comedy movie.

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High 18 votes 16

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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Janmeet on 02 February, 13

Again a college students story where these freek students are looking for girls and sex. Some of the seniors of these students are helping get them laid. This movie came in the year 1982 but it represented how students and youth of up coming age were going to be like.

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Eurotrip 17 votes 17


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Nitj2021 on 01 January, 14

This is all fun. four friends out for the love . You will go crazy while watching this movie

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Little Blue Pill 11 votes 18

Little Blue Pill

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Deepak on 01 January, 14

A comedy about an unlucky guys who accidentally takes two Erectile Dysfunction pills causes change in him, Change in a manner that whenever he sees someone hot or teasing him with her action of course then he becomes so horney that he can't control himself. This is a must watch movie released in the year 2010

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  • deepak

    Hangover all parts …

  • Bo Stevens

    “Casting Couch” is going to be a huge cult classic. One of the funniest movies I ever saw!

  • Brice Lewis

    I saw Casting Couch at Mockfest 2012, and trust me, this is going to be huge. There won’t be college kid anywhere who doesn’t know what this movie is.

  • Sunil

    All parts of American pie, best in sex and comedy, the ultimate fun.

  • Rohit

    I must agree, pretty awesome list.

  • Mitesh Doshi


  • ezquimacore

    let’s go!

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