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This contest is for kids aging less than 3 years. All parents are requested to upload clear pictures of their kid and do add the kid’s name, age and gender. Lets see who is cutest baby in town?

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My Ninja 103 votes 1

My Ninja

Kumar Ankur Sharma
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Kumar Ankur Sharma on 01 January, 14

Come on baby! Catch you if you can...:)


Rocking Style in old fashion 93 votes 2

Rocking Style in old fashion

Shubham Sharma
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Shubham Sharma on 01 January, 14

This is really good pic.Vote for the child if you stay at this pic. Ladkiya abhi se marti hay mujhpe....


Amaira 88 votes 3


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Nitj2021 on 01 January, 14

Amaira is female and ages 1.5 years.


Arnav 61 votes 4


Added By

Deepak on 01 January, 14

Arnav is a male candidate in this contest and he ages 8 months in the photo graph.


Aanya - My Little Angel 55 votes 5

Aanya - My Little Angel

Deepak Joshi
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Deepak Joshi on 01 January, 14

She is just 3 months & extremely active baby. Not sure how am gonna handle her after one year. My naughty baby :)


Arnav Amit Verma 24 votes 6

Arnav Amit Verma

Amit Verma
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Amit Verma on 01 January, 14

Arnav Amit is a male candidate in this contest and his age 6 month in this photograph. Please Vote for my Son.


Jyot swaroop singh 22 votes 7

Jyot swaroop singh

Jiten Choudhary
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Jiten Choudhary on 01 January, 14

Jyot swaroop singh is a male candidate in this contest and he ages 1.8 years in the photo graph.


Ansh 20 votes 8


Ashwani Saini
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Ashwani Saini on 01 January, 14


Son of sardar 17 votes 9

Son of sardar

Added By

Janmeet on 01 January, 14

Dont know about this kid but I want to win cash so please vote for this option.


Cute Baby 17 votes 10

Cute Baby

Abhinav Srivastav
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Abhinav Srivastav on 01 January, 14

A baby is God's opinion that life should go on. please vote.


Siddhant 0 votes 11


Siddhartha Chabukswar
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Siddhartha Chabukswar on 03 March, 14

Thumbs up for the cuteness ;)



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