Google Affiliate Network vs Adsense

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Best ways to earn money online is the hottest topic of internet. Google’s adsense and Google’s affiliate network program are two very popular ways to make money online. But the question arises that what are these two (google adsense and google affiliate) programs and which is the best (best in terms of money making) of these two. Here is a comparison of two most earning ways of making money online.

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Google affiliate Network 4 votes 1

Google affiliate Network

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Deepak on 03 March, 13

Google Affiliate Network makes it easy for website publishers of all sizes to connect with quality advertisers and earn a performance fee for driving sales or leads. Publishers can join at no cost and discover top retail brands and get access to high-converting offers and promotions. Publishers can track what's working and optimize their programs and advertiser relationships. Google bills the advertisers for conversions, and publishers are paid through our reliable payment options. For more details about google affiliate network please refer to the following link,

Google Affiliate Network Overview

And to help you more here is a video to better understand google affiliate.

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Google Adsense 2 votes 2

Google Adsense

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Deepak on 03 March, 13

Google adsense is a advertisement program for websites which are generating fair amount of traffic on theirs sites and are looking to earn money with this traffic. In this program google allows you to list ads of "Google adwords" program on your site which allows your visitors to see the ads and click them if they are interested in that particular add. If they do click on it then the publisher ( you in this case) gets a percentage of amount what google got from this click. Google adsense is the higgest pay rate program of such types. Today people are making a lot of money through their blogs and websites by monetize their site traffic.

How To Set Up a Google Adsense Account and Receive Payment From Google

Here is a video from youtube to show you how you can setup a adsense account.

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