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Hollywood vs Bollywood a question that may arise in every film director or film producer. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have their own strengths and weakness. So we thought lets ask people that what do they think about these two industries that complement each other. Vote if you like bollywood movies and vote hollywood if you like hollywood.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Bollywood the highest number of movie maker in the world, movie that consists music, action, drama, love, romance and money as well. Bollywood has increased its movie budgets to level up with hollywood stantdard. The main thing that bollywood have is the emphasis on acting and drama. But we have to agree on the fact that some of the movies are inspired by hollywood movie.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Hollywood makes movies that are highly technical, scientific and huge money is invested in making a single sequence of the movie. The vision of hollywood movies are highly logical and they put every possible proof to make sure that the concept looks real not fiction. Action, science, fiction,comedy,love, romance,sex are some of the main things that you would find in a hollywood movie.

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