Hottest WWE Divas

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WWE is well known for two things : One is the fights and the other is the girls that fight in the ring. A combination of beauty and power is seen in the ring. People want to see these hottest girls fighting with each other. So i thought lets write a post that lists some of the best WWE divas who have made a lot of fan following by their beauty and fighting skills. Vote the hottest wwe diva that you think should be on top.

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Torrie Wilson 8 votes 1

Torrie Wilson

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Deepak on 05 May, 13

height: 5 ft 9 inch.
Weight: 60 Kg
Born: July 24, 1975
Torrie Wilson is a retired WWE wrestler who performed for both Smackdown and RAW. Besides fighting good she is also very hot and sexy. She has managed to get a huge fan following.

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Trish Stratus 8 votes 2

Trish Stratus

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Deepak on 05 May, 13

height: 5 ft 5 inch.
Weight: 57 Kg
Born: Dec 18, 1975
Trish Stratus is model, fitness guru and a retired WWE professional. Because of her beauty and fighting style she deserves to the in the list of hottest divas of wwe.

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Lita 5 votes 3


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Deepak on 05 May, 13

height: 5 ft 6 inch.
Weight: 61 Kg
Born: April 14, 1975

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