Housewives vs. Working Women

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In today’s economy, a greater number of women have had to enter the workforce. Despite the growing number of working women, housewives are still abundant. Each face different daily tasks, as well as daily stresses. For housewives, kids can be a hectic chore, to say the least, and there’s never a shortage of cooking and cleaning that needs to be done. Working women face much different obstacles. With crazy coworkers, overbearing bosses, and often stressful deadlines, any work day can be a brain-melter. Of course, this changes per home or per job. Which one would you choose?

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SabrinaMBush on 09 September, 13

Some would say the life of a housewife is easy-going and free of hassle. You get to relax at home all day, without the stresses of the daily grind. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Housewives face certain problems any working woman would cringe at, and these troubles come on a daily basis. Cooking and cleaning is a chore in and of itself. That roast could take hours to fully cook through, and all those vegetables need to be chopped. And cleaning - well, let's just say it's a dirty job. Floors, windows, and toilets (yuck) must be cleaned constantly, depending on the situation with kids and pets. What's worse, the bigger the house, the more cleaning a woman must do. It can sometimes feel like a never-ending process. And kids! Depending on their ages, taking care of the kids could take the entire day, and then some. Younger children need to be looked after constantly. Small and/or fragile objects must be carefully locked up and out of children's curious hands and mouths. While it doesn't seem like a chore, playing with the kids is downright exhausting. Have I mentioned dirty diapers? Who wouldn't want to get away from that?

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Working Woman

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SabrinaMBush on 09 September, 13

The nine to five routine can be back-breaking, exhausting, and downright cruel. Getting up early in the morning is a hassle. What if you're late and miss that precious cup of coffee? Well that could complete destroy the entire day - never underestimate the powers of caffeine. Furthermore, women face greater stigmas in the working world; they have to look their absolute best on a daily basis. Looking good is performing well, or so they say. If the morning isn't bad enough, the afternoon will get even worse. We've all heard of some wacky co-workers, but who's to say you don't have to work with some serious nut-jobs every day? It may sound a little mean, but working with some people is a complete chore, and it's something worth making thousands of dollars extra in bonuses (if only that were possible.) Have I mentioned that overbearing and snooty boss that wants everything on his desk, immediately. He can be a real pain, and there's never any way to please him. Working over-time seems to be his favorite past-time, and he may expect you to follow suit. On top of all this drama, there's one extra thing a working woman must face. Under certain circumstances, she must face all the stress of the day, then go home to a house that looks like a tornado hit it. With kids and pets (and sometimes that messy husband) a working woman's job is never done.

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