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Blogging is one of the internet’s biggest sensations these days. Everyone wants to share their thoughts and experiences with the entire internet world. But what’s the best website to do it on? Do you prefer professional-looking blogging sites like WordPress, or less formal sites like Tumblr? Come on in and choose your favorite blogging site.

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Wordpress is a more professional-looking blogging site where users blog about all sorts of things. Wordpress allows almost any form of blogging--pictures, videos, audio, text--but it's not necessarily easy to use. Certainly, however, it is much easier than other sites! If you want to blog about serious things going on in your life, Wordpress is the perfect site for you. Today around 12-15% websites are made using wordpress. So Wordpress is a good option for creating a blog.

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Blogger is a google-run blogging site that is made for those with less experience running a blog. It offers a template but then allows you to customize many different aspects of your blog. It can look as professional or informal as you want it to. This is a site for blogging anything you want, be it silly or not.

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Tumblr is a very informal blogging site in which people are mostly reblogging others. Pictures, videos, gifs, text, audio, this site has every form of blogging made easy and fun. Most tumblrs love the site to death, almost like it were their best friend. Tumblr users make many internet friends on the site, too. Tumblr is a more socially-centered blogging site where people's blogs are littered with all their favorite things.

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Livejournal is another popular blogging site. It is intentionally focused more on the social aspect of blogging. Unlike most blogging sites where you can follow people, this website offers a friends list. In this case, it is very similar to Facebook. It also has different communities where people get together online and post and communicate together about a topic.

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