I want to kill myself : Why?

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I Want to do die, if this question is going through your mind then we want to gain your attention and want to know why and what are the reasions that have compled you do even think about dying. We understand that how much mental pressure you are going through but my dear friends nothing is above life not even God, not your wife, not your mother and any precious thing in the world. I had a chat with a guys who committed suicide but was saved some how, when i asked him how he felt before attempting this and how was it during actually going through it and how do you feel now. Then he answered me that before attempting it he was pretty sure that there is no other option left for him in this world and he should commit a suicide. He hanged himself to the ceiling fan, and while he was about to die, he was thinking oh God this is so painful and praying that please get me out of this, i was a fool doing this. Once i am saved i wont even think about doing anything like this, then suddenly some of his friend came into the room and saved him. Today he believes that he was the foolest and luckiest person on earth. He now loves his life and tries to sort out things.
So the moral of the story is “Life is above everything“. But the question that arises here is why do you want to die or why do you wish to commit suicide and searching on the internet that whats the easiest way to die or suicide.

We strongly request you to not to attempt anything like but still want to see that are the reasons people commit suicide and which of these reasons are most common.

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Failure in Love 3 votes 1

Failure in Love

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

This is one more common and stupid reason popular among young people. These people are the ones who take life like only circulating their love but guys life and many colors other than beautiful color of love. It will be given to you once you find the best person on earth for your self. Think of it that the current person in your life the best one for you. and if this goes than your journey still continues.

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Sexual abuse 2 votes 2

Sexual abuse

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

Another common reason of suicide cases is sexual abuse. People sometimes caught into wrong hands and they are sexually harassed by them. This gives them great mental pressure as they want to come out of this but cant share these private things with anyone , fear of everyone would come to know. I think in such cases we need to break our social barriers and think about our self only. This is social change and will come slowly into acceptance but we need to put up a start at least.

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Failure in Education 2 votes 3

Failure in Education

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

Again one more common reason of suicide is failure in education. Young students who get failure in their exams, commit suicide without even thinking that that life still has teach them a lost of lesson but they have chosen to quit. Though education system is trying to ease itself so that such cases can be avoided but that way we will have a country full of engineers, which is no remedy to the problem. We have to understand that these things are not the end of life , life starts only here. We need to give it another try and keep giving it until we find the succcess.

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This entire world is a dream and i want to wake up 2 votes 4

This entire world is a dream and i want to wake up

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

When people get into problems and find them selfs that they cant come out of it than their minds decides showing alternatives to them. One which happens to be this, This is probably not the popular reason of suicide but this is something that comes atleast once into the minds of the people who are going through some kind of depression or their life have become so bored that they start to feel and leave it. In this case we would suggest you to take a break from what ever causes you to think so and go around with friends or family to rome about in somewhere.

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A serious illness 1 votes 5

A serious illness

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

Serious illness is one of the common reasons why people commit suicide or want to die, studies have shown that people do not commit suicide for them self but for others, few people say that their family have wasted so much of money on them in the illness but they are still not able to recover and that why they want to commit suicide. For People having this reason in mind we would suggest them, not to think about these things, we suggest to think positive like once you get well with this money invested you are going to earn so much money and give it back to your family. and then you would have a reason to live.

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Under Huge Debt 1 votes 6

Under Huge Debt

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

Poor people who are under some kind of debt feel that they wont be able to pay this back and when no other option is left then they commit suicide, or when they are not able to earn enough for themselves and their families. In this case people first of all have faith in themselves that they are capable enough of paying it back because this is why they took it form others. Then pay it in installments does not matter if you have to pay extra. Try to work hard and come out of this debt ASAP.

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Feeling Guilty 1 votes 7

Feeling Guilty

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Nitj2021 on 01 January, 14

If you have done something really bad in past such as murder, rape or hurt your loved one feelings real bad.Now it bothers your heart every time and you need the peace of mind

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