Love marriage vs Arranged marriage

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A big question of arrange vs love marriage that rises in mind of every young man or women in india. India a country where priorities are given to family relationships rather in external relationships. But some people say that the reason for forcing of arrange marriage is not priorities but its the fact that they believe that arrange marriage will last long and happy than love marriage. Today we are going to discuss the good or bad aspects of both the marriages so find out if love or arrange is better.

Though we strongly feel that it does not make any difference that whether you are arranged or loved, every thing depends on TRUST and UNDERSTANDING.

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Arrange Marriage

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Deepak on 09 September, 13

Arrange marriage lasts long when it comes to living together, it is said that when two people get married in india then its not between two people but two families making a relationship.

A strong family relationship in the house is seen in a family where people get arranged marriage. In love there are cases that couples are asked to live out.

There is a kind of excitement in arrange marriage specially in the initial phase of the marriage when couples get to know there newly marriage wife and each try to show there best for a strong husband-wife relationship.

In arrange marriage women are more protective and secure when decision is taken by all family members not by husband alone. Parents can decide on what is good or bad to the family better than youngsters.

You can always fall in love with your wife, as u did with some other girl in college.

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I was hoping for more comment and discussion on this topic.


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Love Marriage

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Deepak on 09 September, 13

Knowing your partner in advance is always better as you will always be aware of liking and dislikes of each other.

If your marriage decision goes wrong then you always have the answer to say to your self that it was your own decision.

You can choose your partner of your own type.

Making your first love as your wife always feels great and a very high and level of satisfaction.

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