Major Problems in India

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India, the seventh biggest country in the world with second highest number of people living in the country, have developed so many socio-economic problems for itself. More than 55% of the population comes under poverty. Education is another biggest and major problem of india. This post is about selecting major problems in india to help us find it and help our politician do something in these regards.

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Corruption 737 votes 1


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Deepak on 02 February, 13

is the biggest problem of india today as it has made the country very week from somewhere inside of it. As funds and resources made for the poor and those who need them but have little or no ability to earn it, can avail it either a low price or for free, are not getting these passed resources due to corruption. People here are not paying tax, people are taking bribe for small work at government offices. It is spread over all the society in india, whether its a high low or middle. One of the most funniest thing is, everyone here talks that it bad to ask for a bribe but everyone offers and asks for bribe.

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but how can we stop this


Due to corruption,rich become rich and poor become poor..we should elect the right persons to have power and lead us


there is no strong punishment for who commit corruption thats why correption rate are increasing day by day

vijay phale

the reson for corruption is the people who have money more than their need.


Just every one talks abt it bt when time comes every one forget abt morals n ethical norms... It's the responsibility of every youth to think at least once the ways to eliminate this evil from our society n retitled again our mother land India with "GOLDEN SPARROW"... Jai hind


corrupt politicians, gov. officers and worst education system are the big eradicate it media can play a major role!!

Urvish Toshniwal



when ever the rules will be strict ,and india under youngsters is to be resolution of it


yes its right .B'cause of it india Is still developing country.


I thought that we r the basic unit of corruption,a awarness must want about corruption among us is so important,,when ever the rules will be strict ,and india under youngsters is to be resolution of it


yes.. it is a very big problem just think , who is responsible for it ??? we all are know the answer... we know all the things... but still it is increased... coz of our ignorance ...


Not only the corruption is the major threat in India, but with corruption,garbage problems,electricity problem,water problem in government schools and India is importing foreign material these also major problems. Due to this importation India is loosing its currency, so i think you all are very serious about India`s development so please develop India try to cure these problems. THANK YOU


Dear, I would like to have your help in brain storming to identify the root cause for corruption.

praphul agarwal

i think it may continue


surely, corruption is the one of the major issues of india today. But we will soon get over this issue as people are more intended towards choosing best ministers.


exactlyyyyyyyyyy bro


Population 364 votes 2


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Deepak on 03 March, 13

Inida is second in the world in population after china. Though india ranks 7th in area but people living in india are huge.People dont have money to live but they do have kids ranging from 3-5 which create problems to these kids in getting good education and facilities to live properly.

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Population more like to much sex πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Brown person

Population is not great problem. But different casts, religious, traditions, etc.....are very big problem for our country.


in 2100 the population will reduce by 15% due to reduce of life span of humans


Each citizen should learn to be satisfied by their first child. Indian government should put a rule that every Indian should get only one child as their heir. As per I concern well done is better than well as a Indian i pledge my self that as a part of my duty as a Indian i am going to adopt a child as my heir. This is for my bharat matha

janani visu

First major problem in india

Dr.vandana tyagi

Population is not great problem.

jasmine yadav

Poverty 305 votes 3


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Deepak on 03 March, 13

India holds one third of total poor people in the world, according to world bank around 32% of people are below the international poverty line and around 68% of the people earn only 2USD per day. This data states that people are living real hard time in india, so thats the biggest problem of the country and its people.

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there should some solution for this problem because there are so many reasons for this

neha choudhury

It is real india not the big cities. we have to change it. come with us


Really a very big problem, but it can be solve if we come ahead. It can't be solve by comment or social media we have to take action. i am ready.......are you?


poverty is not tell about one person or one family it tells about our society...pls i want to know more information bhayya...nd i want to do anything for the society development

anugoju navyaraj

I'M RICH THESE PEOPLE SUCK AT LIFE HehheheheheheheheπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Brown person

Brown people suck ass

Brown person

this poverty also bcoz of those who have money than they need.

Mariyam kunhammed

each person who are able could take responsibility of any poor poverty may be some how eradicate........Cricketers,filmstars,bussinessmans,politicians,social workers,social groups etc. wil play a major role to make INDIA a developed country!!

Urvish Toshniwal

Yes, poverty is great problem of India.

Jyoti yadav

Poverty is today 's biggest problem. Coz of our own stupidity if every beggar stop begging nd do some work nd all those who is helpless they r not helpless they r just lazy nd they should do some work and increase their voice which can solve their own problems. Day by day it will be decrease...

we should have take first step for aii this issues ... we can change... goverment are also responsible for all... but , we are more then goverment...


goverment to take action & also people to help others...


government may do hard work to erradica edruption in officers to provid

chandra shekharsingh

Illiteracy 280 votes 4


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Deepak on 01 January, 13

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Spell my bad brah

Brown person

They can't sleep there own name a pelrlrlskfdjsodnsjsm

Brown person



it's a big issue we are facing now , because the people are not able to find who they are due to that some peoples are dumped the illiterate . so we youngsters could take the responsibility to teach some peoples about our country and it's position.


In my view if we dont learn we don't have a perfect life

saharika chinu

we have to follow our customs and parallely we have to develop our country with all new technologies,when we are going into future dont forgot our past and our relations.


i think the illiteracy is the major problem in india. today peoples are the tomorrow citizens.we should encorage the people who are not studying ,and the government should give the minimum facilities to the people




Unemployment 224 votes 5


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Deepak on 01 January, 13

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My job is a garbage man

Brown person

in india 92% people are in un organised sector. some people are doing small works like porter,pulling a cart etc ,they earn very small amount of wages so , government should give the opportunities to all the citizens by establishing factories,schools,hospitals then i thick unemployment will be reduced in india


Unemployment is the major problem in India. This problem is not unsolvable. This could be solved if we youths unite and gain support of government and start some cottage and small scale industries, where people could work for their welfare. This makes Indian youths a role model to all the people in the world

R.Raja Subramanian

anyone who can finish india

anyone who can finish india

Terrorism 170 votes 6


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Deepak on 02 February, 13

Terror is the biggest fear of people of india as they are always afraid of terrorist attaching the public places. The incident that occurred at "Hotel Taj" made people live in with a thought that life is so unsecure and you never know whats going happen if you are travelling by train, walking over the street, working in office or anything.

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Jose is ISIS

Brown person

Religious violence 148 votes 7

Religious violence

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

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greedy politicians are responsible for Religious Violence

vijay phale

missuderstanding about jihad among the youths .

Pranay Gaidhani

hard action to be taken


Caste related violence 143 votes 8

Caste related violence

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Deepak on 03 March, 13

Caste related violence is one of the big issues of india as people live in communities based on their cast and dont take great deal of interest in the matters of others. People in services industries also serve people of their cast first and to others. This is wide spread in all classes of people.

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solution for the problem is to 1st change the human mindset

neha choudhury

what we can do for reducing these prolems in our country


believe in human.... not in caste..... afterall we all are same...


inter cost marriages to be promoted and some benifit to be given such couples


Misuse of Women Laws (498a , DV Act 2005 etc), Good men to Jails 121 votes 9

Misuse of Women Laws (498a , DV Act 2005 etc), Good men to Jails

Chandrasekhar Loganathan
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Chandrasekhar Loganathan on 08 August, 13

A cruel and a bad morale woman can use this law to her favor and spoil an ethical family (husband, her siblings, her parents and all relatives ). Police and Lawyers make hell amount of money in this. Ruthless arrest, Long fights, Child separation are the cruelty involved. A family who got stuck in this takes min. 5 years to reform the life... Many committed suicide.

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this is the more painful problem as im too belong to a female gender,,,,,, main reason for it is a corruption and male dominated society,,,


You dont think there are not men that do the same? Really? It isnt a "what to do with these type of women" problem, but a "How do we support women so they make good mothers, wives, members of society, and how to we educate them and men to be good parents and spouses? Also, there's a much bigger problem when it comes to the common rape and violence against women that needs to be tackled first. It's hard to be a good family member when you're scared all the time and resentful towards men in general.


what to do with these type of women?


Naxalism 101 votes 10


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Deepak on 01 January, 13

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government is taking lands of forest for mining to get minerals with out proper payment to them that is the route cause


Natural Disasters 93 votes 11

Natural Disasters

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Deepak on 06 June, 13

Recent natural disaster in uttarakhand in India has put a strong reason of not omitting nature from the list. Though this is a common problem of all the world, but in the last few centuries the Asian countries has paid a lot of price for this, in terms of man and money.

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how it is biggest problem it is not started b peoples


Dear sir Over ambicious manifestos and political parties should be brought into the frame of LokPal . Legal action should be taken against false manifestos to safeguard the lives of the poorest of the poor.

Prof. G Stanley Jayakumar


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