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is the biggest problem of india today as it has made the country very week from somewhere inside of it. As funds and resources made for the poor and those who need them but have little or no ability to earn it, can avail it either a low price or for free, are not getting these passed resources due to corruption. People here are not paying tax, people are taking bribe for small work at government offices. It is spread over all the society in india, whether its a high low or middle.
One of the most funniest thing is, everyone here talks that it bad to ask for a bribe but everyone offers and asks for bribe.

16 responses to “Corruption”

  1. santhosh says:

    exactlyyyyyyyyyy bro

  2. Rahul says:

    surely, corruption is the one of the major issues of india today. But we will soon get over this issue as people are more intended towards choosing best ministers.

  3. karti says:

    i think it may continue

  4. praphul agarwal says:

    Dear, I would like to have your help in brain storming to identify the root cause for corruption.

  5. Dikshant says:

    Not only the corruption is the major threat in India, but with corruption,garbage problems,electricity problem,water problem in government schools and India is importing foreign material these also major problems. Due to this importation India is loosing its currency, so i think you all are very serious about India`s development so please develop India try to cure these problems. THANK YOU

  6. ruti says:

    yes.. it is a very big problem

    just think ,
    who is responsible for it ???

    we all are know the answer…

    we know all the things…

    but still it is increased…
    coz of our ignorance …

  7. vignesh says:

    I thought that we r the basic unit of corruption,a awarness must want about corruption among us is so important,,when ever the rules will be strict ,and india under youngsters is to be resolution of it

  8. mahesh says:

    yes its right .B’cause of it india Is still developing country.

  9. ganesh says:

    when ever the rules will be strict ,and india under youngsters is to be resolution of it

  10. fhfh says:


  11. Urvish Toshniwal says:

    corrupt politicians, gov. officers and worst education system are the big reason…….to eradicate it media can play a major role!!

  12. Vikas says:

    Just every one talks abt it bt when time comes every one forget abt morals n ethical norms… It’s the responsibility of every youth to think at least once the ways to eliminate this evil from our society n retitled again our mother land India with “GOLDEN SPARROW”… Jai hind

  13. gowtham says:

    the reson for corruption is the people who have money more than their need.

  14. vijay phale says:

    there is no strong punishment for who commit corruption thats why correption rate are increasing day by day

  15. Jahnavi says:

    Due to corruption,rich become rich and poor become poor..we should elect the right persons to have power and lead us

  16. manish says:

    but how can we stop this

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