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Inida is second in the world in population after china. Though india ranks 7th in area but people living in india are huge.People dont have money to live but they do have kids ranging from 3-5 which create problems to these kids in getting good education and facilities to live properly.

6 responses to “Population”

  1. jasmine yadav says:

    Population is not great problem.

  2. Dr.vandana tyagi says:

    First major problem in india

  3. janani visu says:

    Each citizen should learn to be satisfied by their first child. Indian government should put a rule that every Indian should get only one child as their heir. As per I concern well done is better than well said.so as a Indian i pledge my self that as a part of my duty as a Indian i am going to adopt a child as my heir. This is for my bharat matha

  4. gowtham says:

    in 2100 the population will reduce by 15% due to reduce of life span of humans

  5. jaidev says:

    Population is not great problem. But different casts, religious, traditions, etc…..are very big problem for our country.

  6. Brown person says:

    Population more like to much sex 😂😂😂😂😂

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