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Lets try to find the answer of a question that arises in the mind of every men from india which is who is the most beautiful girl in india. Here is a poll or contest to find that girl who has the perfect looks, perfect attraction and if we see her that we cant avoid her, we cant move her from our sight.
Indian beauty is well defined from its simplicity and naturalism so we have to make sure that we upload only real photos of girls only. So lets find the beauty queen of india.

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Simple Girl 6 votes 1

Simple Girl

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Deepak on 05 May, 13

There are some things that we cant define but we just dont want to remove them from our sight, this simple girl holding the gun is again found from internet and i think she looks beautiful that i had to get her this list of beauties.

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Most beautiful girl in saree 3 votes 2

Most beautiful girl in saree

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Deepak on 05 May, 13

Here is an example of beauty, this photo is found from the internet and i dont even know her name, but i could not stop my self from listing her in the list of most beautiful girls. Look at her figure and the saree that she is wearing, it is looking great.

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