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People who are found of horror movies must know about a movie series known as ‘Wrong Turn’ which is one of most horror movies of hollywood that I have seen so far.This movie series is release in several parts ( 5 parts so far). The story-line of all movies circulates around few man eaters (cannibals) and people who are into jungle either by accident or by chance. Although all parts of the wrong turn series are horrifying but here in this list we want to see which part horrified you most.

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Wrong Turn 4 14 votes 1

Wrong Turn 4

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Kajal on 04 April, 14

This part shows the beginning of all this killing, how few mentally ill kids broke out of the hospital and killed everyone in it. Few college students got lost in storm and hide in the same hospital here these three boys which have now become man kills everyone.

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Wrong Turn 1 10 votes 2

Wrong Turn 1

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Kajal on 04 April, 14

Six people are trapped in the jungle where these man eater kill almost all of them. Since this is the first part of the wrong turn movie series so it had to be the most horrified and it was actually. I would suggest you to watch the first part first if you have not seen any of the part so far.

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Wrong Turn 2 9 votes 3

Wrong Turn 2

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Kajal on 04 April, 14

A group of reality show contestants find themselves fighting for their survival against a family of hideously deformed inbred cannibals who plan to ruthlessly butcher them all. Again this part had thrill , horror and everything you would want to see in a horror movie.

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Wrong Turn 5 8 votes 4

Wrong Turn 5

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Kajal on 04 April, 14

A group of college students, on a trip for Mountain man Festival on Halloween in West Virginia, encounter a group cannibals, who want to save their cousin from jail. Again movie has a lot of blood, brutal killing of people and a lot more you want to see.

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Wrong Turn 3 5 votes 5

Wrong Turn 3

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Kajal on 04 April, 14

A group of convicts is been transported to some other jail but in the way the bus crashes in the middle of the jungle and these convicts fight with man eaters but find themselves killed brutally by the cannibals.

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