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The best way of spending your free time is to visit some interesting and exotic places. There is a place for everybody’s taste, you just need to go there and start with adventure. Disneyland, Dubai, Port Aventura, Egypt and Miami Beach are considered to be world’s most popular destinations. These five wait for you to come and research them, but which is the best destination for tourists

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Dubai 10 votes 1


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Deepak on 07 July, 13

Sandy beaches, luxury hotels, museums and beautiful parks seem to be very attractive for tourists, since over 10 million people visited Dubai last year.

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PortAvanetura 9 votes 2


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Deepak on 07 July, 13

One of the most famous destinations in Spain is definitely PortAventura. This theme park is visited by 4 million people per year.

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Egypt 8 votes 3


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Deepak on 07 July, 13

If you love old monuments and architecture, Egypt will offer you the best. Giza, Saqqara and many other places in Egypt own plenty of ancient buildings which even today amaze even the most famous architects.

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Disneyland 6 votes 4


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Deepak on 07 July, 13

If you love cartoons and if you want to be a part of fairy tale for at least one day, Disneyland is a perfect place for you. The happiest place on Earth is not just for children but for adults as well.

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Miami Beach 6 votes 5

Miami Beach

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Deepak on 07 July, 13

This city in Florida has perfect clime conditions. Warm and muggy weather would attract anyone, especially if you have a perfect beach and excellent night clubs placed very close to luxury hotels.

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