Undertaker Vs John Cena

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If undertaker and john cena are to fight against each other then what do you think who is going to win the fight. Both undertaker and john cena are very much abled to beat the other one, both have different fighting tactics. so we though why not ask our visitors about this interesting poll. So this poll is to see that how many people think that john cena can beat undertaker or undertaker will beat john in a wwe fight.

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John Cena

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

John Cena has won 19 championships in total, including 12 world titles. He becoming very famous amongst youngsters. It is said that cena does not give up until his last breath. Cena is 35 years old,with 6 feet 1 inch of height, 114 Kg of weight and cena is been fighting since 2001. Vote for john cena if you think cena will win a fight against the undertaker.

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Deepak on 01 January, 13

Undertaker hold so many records to his in the WWE, including smashing 20-0 undefeated fights at WrestleMania. Taker is been fighting since 1990 is been always a favorite fighter for every WWE fan. Taker is 6 feet and 10 inches in height, 136 Kg in weight and is 46 years old till date. Vote for undertaker if you think taker would defeat cena in a WWE fight.

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